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Stay fully connected in any emergency situation and in any environment with the Howard Modular Emergency Response & Logistics Instrument, MERLIN. MERLIN features industry-leading, mission-critical communications devices securely mounted inside a weatherproof, impact resistant, and fully transportable case — the strongest on the market. This easy-to-deploy emergency case works as a mobile office thanks to a convenient lift-up tray for room to write, a rugged notebook, a portable printer, and a wide variety of accessories. For life and death operations in disaster stricken areas or mission-critical collaboration in remote locations, the Howard MERLIN keeps you fully connected — anywhere, at any time.

MERLIN Benefits

Tray lift system: The manual tray lift system enables you to easily raise the notebook/printer tray upward and out to easily reach the power system, BGAN device, or anything stored in the bottom of the case.

Sliding work surface system: The mounted notebook and printer slide out and extend beyond the dimensions of the case, revealing a convenient writing surface that acts as a mobile office. The Howard MERLIN features a 12-inch writing surface.

Onboard charging system: MERLIN has the ability to support either AC or DC power inputs. With the provided cables, you can conveniently charge this emergency case using a 110-volt AC outlet or a 12-volt DC source.

Build your MERLIN
MERLIN Accessories

Don’t choose between accessories. The Howard MERLIN features a large-yet-transport-friendly case to give you more room for all the mission-critical accessories you need. From rugged notebooks, lifecams, and BGAN devices, to satellite phones and GPS devices, we’ve got you covered. Equip your MERLIN with the custom accessories you need to get any job done.

You've got options

The MERLIN is designed and built with a concept we refer to as "future-ready," in that it allows you the flexibility to choose only the feature components you need today, while preserving your option to add equipment as those needs change in the future.

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