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The Teacher’s PET is a real favorite when it comes to progressive concepts in education, revolutionizing classroom management by optimizing and mobilizing your teaching platform. Your choice of a combination computer, projector, and document camera, securely mounted onto a sturdy, mobile base that includes a fully adjustable work surface that easily shifts for use in a standing or sitting position, makes Teacher’s PET the ultimate classroom companion.

System Benefits

Adjustable monitor: Our carts feature a mounting platform for your computer that allows you to easily tilt and adjust your monitor to meet specific vision needs. Designed for bifocal wearers or anyone with end of the day eye strain, the Teacher’s PET allows you to reduce overhead glare with one simple movement, keeping eye strain to a minimum. Adjusting the monitor also facilitates easy navigation during transport times.

One-touch lift: The work surface on our carts can be easily adjusted for use while sitting or standing.

Flexibility: The Teacher’s PET is built with what we term the “future ready” concept in that you can easily and cost effectively upgrade it depending on your changing needs.

Ease of movement: Because of its small footprint and dual-wheel, low-friction, 360° swivel casters, the Teacher’s PET can be moved easily, requiring only 1.5 lbs of force.

Wrap-around steering: Navigating the Teacher’s PET is made easier with the 270° ergonomically-designed steering handle.

Lockability: A secure surface prevents theft and tampering.

Cart Options

The Teacher's PET is designed and built with a concept we refer to as "future-ready", in that it allows you the flexibility of choosing a cart with only the feature components you need today, while preserving your option to add equipment as those needs change in the future. We offer three models:

  • Basic: A sturdy, mobile base, with an articulating arm support for the projector of your choice
  • Elmo: Our basic cart, plus an additional arm for the included Elmo document scanner
  • AverMedia: Our basic cart, plus an additional arm for the included AverVision document scanner

Cart Accessories

Make the most out of your Teacher's PET with custom accessories. From computers with touch-screen capability, DVD-VCR combos, and document cameras that project small text, pictures, or 3D objects so everyone can see, to extra storage, and notebook locks that assure your equipment is safe, we've got you covered. Equip your PET cart with everything you need to make a difference.

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