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We all loved the user experience offered by Dropbox – it made it easy and simple to access our files anywhere on any device – yet we were struck there was no similar service for desktops and desktop applications. To be blunt, the existing options weren’t awesome — VDI, XenApp, and other traditional solutions were expensive. They were complicated. And worse, they often provided a poor user experience.

We saw a need and knew we could fill it — our solution would run (awesomely!) in the browser, offer multiple OSes (Windows, Mac, Linux), be very simple to administer, and, most importantly, affordable! Apporto is the product of that vision.


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Virtual Computer Labs

Apporto has emerged as the leading provider in the education space. Our solution seamlessly streams apps from Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems as well as cyberlabs straight to a student’s browser on any device.
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Zero Trust Virtual Desktop

Built specifically to meet the modern security challenges in a remote work environment. Deliver the most secure virtual desktops designed with Zero Trust as a core architectural principle.
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Cyber Security Labs

Enabling higher education and professional development to meet the cyber training needs of today.
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Remote & Hybrid Work

Deliver highly secure cloud desktops and a great user experience for employees working from anywhere on any device. Apporto’s advanced hyperstreaming ensures users have a responsive experience regardless of their location while enabling IT staff to simply manage a global network of cloud desktops. Finally, a cloud desktop end-users and IT can agree on!
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Secure Help Desk

Enable agents to work from any device with a secure and fluid experience. Users can even have crystal clear sound and video in the virtual desktop. Agents may be remote but they do not have to sound like it.
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Remote Engineering

For technology companies, protecting IP is paramount – yet it is equally important to enable developers to be productive on their device of choice.
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