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Our innovative solutions are designed to help you overcome challenges around network management complexity, inadequate enterprise network security, and weak resilience. Customers choose our offerings to improve efficiency, lower costs and reduce risks.

Our unique all-in-one technology helps organizations simplify and accelerate their strategic IT initiatives by automating the life-cycle management of apps and infrastructure, steering application traffic, and securing the network from the ground up. No other vendor offers you the full range of features and level of simplicity that we provide.
Who Is Efficient iP?

EfficientIP is a network security and automation company, specializing in DNS-DHCP-IPAM (DDI). EfficientIP provides hardware, software and virtual appliances that manage IP addresses and DNS-DHCP services (DDI) in a fully integrated solution. SOLIDserver™ centralizes all information from the IP plan and DNS and DHCP servers into one singular interface, and allows customers to manage their network services as a distinct entity, ensuring high availability, security, and network consistency.

Key Benefits of Efficient iP Solutions:
- Improved business continuity & user experience
- Strengthened security & risk mitigation
- Better time to service for faster time to market
- Enhanced predictability & compliance
- Increased operational efficiency (up to 80%)
- Reduced TCO (up to 75%)

Where Does DDI Fit In?

DDI (DNS-DHCP-IPAM) is foundational for managing apps and networks so helps network personnel simplify management and strengthen security of their on-prem and cloud infrastructure - bringing visibility, control, consistent deployments, threat insights from network traffic, and structuring of network security policies.

DDI plays a critical role in connecting users to their applications and services:
- DNS ensures access routing for users to almost all applications and services
- DHCP provides IP addresses to devices, users, and apps so that they can connect to the network
- IPAM consolidates IP data into a central repository and manages the IP plan

Core Networking Services

Core Networking Services Overview image

Core Networking Services Overview

Our unified management framework for DNS, DHCP and IPAM (DDI) devices and network configurations enhance the security, availability and agility of the network infrastructure.
SOLIDserver™ DDI image

SOLIDserver™ DDI

The SOLIDserver suite of appliances is designed to deliver highly scalable, secure and robust virtual and hardware appliances for critical IPAM-DNS-DHCP-NTP-TFTP services.
IPAM For Microsoft® image

IPAM For Microsoft®

IP Address Management from EfficientIP integrates seamlessly with Microsoft DNS and DHCP servers to leverage your investments through global visibility and smart automation.
IPAM For BIND DNS & ISC DHCP on Linux image


The EfficientIP IP Address Management solution integrates seamlessly with Linux DNS and DHCP servers offering higher security, reliability and scalability.
DNS Cloud image

DNS Cloud

For more security, visibility, and best performance for your public and private DNS infrastructure, DNS Cloud unifies the management of Amazon Route 53 and Microsoft Azure DNS with your in-house servers.
Service Provider Extension (SPX) image

Service Provider Extension (SPX)

Service Provider Extension provides built-in functionalities allowing registration, provisioning, planning, and management of IP addressing and naming services for operators’ networks.

Network Management & Automation

Network Management & Automation Overview image

Network Management & Automation Overview

EfficientIP products automate DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management for on-premise networks, cloud and multi-vendor solutions, helping enhance management efficiency, reliability and scalability
NetChange image


NetChange easily integrates and automates administrator-defined policies, simplifying switch/device discovery, configuration and deployment using wizard-driven templates.
Cloud Observer image

Cloud Observer

Obtain a unified view of your cloud network objects from a single pane of glass, thanks to automatic discovery, tracking and consolidation.
Network Object Manager image

Network Object Manager

Network Object Manager offers a single source of truth network objects repository to model network topologies and jump-start automation journeys.

Network Security

Network Security Overview image

Network Security Overview

Innovative technology from EfficientIP provides the highest level of enterprise network security to protect users, apps and data against all types of DNS attacks
DNS Threat Pulse image

DNS Threat Pulse

DNS Threat Pulse provides a multi-source DNS Threat Intelligence feed, built using AI-powered algorithms, for delivering insightful, actionable data to proactively combat threats like DGAs, Ransomware and Phishing.
DNS Guardian image

DNS Guardian

DNS Guardian offers in-depth analysis of the DNS traffic to detect data exfiltration and identify attacks (cache poisoning, DNS tunneling, DGA malware and bots etc.) then quickly activate adapted countermeasures to protect service continuity and integrity.
DNS Client Query Filtering image

DNS Client Query Filtering

For zero trust architectures, the Client Query Filtering feature creates a security barrier at the earliest point, helping prevent lateral movement of attacks.
DNS Firewall image

DNS Firewall

DNS Firewall Threat Intelligence services prevent connected devices from becoming infected with malware blocking queries from clients that want to access domains and/or IPs known to be malicious.
DNS Blast image

DNS Blast

DNS Blast is the world’s fastest DNS cache appliance, absorbing up to 17 million (17M) DNS queries per second (QPS) to secure DNS servers against extreme DDoS attacks, such as DNS amplification and reflection attacks.

Application Traffic Management

Application Traffic Management Overview image

Application Traffic Management Overview

Our world’s first DNS Global Server Load Balancing functionality deployed at the edge complements load balancers and ADCs to improve app delivery performance, resilience and cost optimization.
Edge DNS GSLB image


DNS GSLB optimizes user to app access via intelligent application traffic routing. Global Server Load Balancing functionality built into authoritative or recursive DNS servers brings unique edge GSLB capability, enabling routing decisions to be taken at the network edge to enhance UX and cross DC application resiliency.
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