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The IT industry is evolving, with the acceleration of strategic IT initiatives and a proliferation of apps, IoT, multicloud, and remote workers. The increased complexity has brought many weaknesses; it has led to multiple management tools, an increase in error-prone manual processes, and siloed data. The consequences of this are worrying–inaccurate configurations, slow service rollout, loss of control, weaker security, reduced resilience… leading to serious business risks like network outages, higher opex, delayed TTM, limited capacity planning, data theft, business downtime, poor UX,...
Who Is Efficient iP?

EfficientIP is a network security and automation company, specializing in DNS-DHCP-IPAM (DDI). EfficientIP provides hardware, software and virtual appliances that manage IP addresses and DNS-DHCP services (DDI) in a fully integrated solution. SOLIDserver™ centralizes all information from the IP plan and DNS and DHCP servers into one singular interface, and allows customers to manage their network services as a distinct entity, ensuring high availability, security, and network consistency.

Key Benefits of Efficient iP Solutions:
- Improved business continuity & user experience
- Strengthened security & risk mitigation
- Better time to service for faster time to market
- Enhanced predictability & compliance
- Increased operational efficiency (up to 80%)
- Reduced TCO (up to 75%)

Where Does DDI Fit In?

DDI (DNS-DHCP-IPAM) is foundational for managing apps and networks so helps network personnel simplify management and strengthen security of their on-prem and cloud infrastructure - bringing visibility, control, consistent deployments, threat insights from network traffic, and structuring of network security policies.

DDI plays a critical role in connecting users to their applications and services:
- DNS ensures access routing for users to almost all applications and services
- DHCP provides IP addresses to devices, users, and apps so that they can connect to the network
- IPAM consolidates IP data into a central repository and manages the IP plan

Overview of Efficient iP Solutions

Smart DDI

EfficientIP's Smart DDI solution offers integrated management of multi-vendor DNS-DHCP servers with IP address, VLAN/VXLAN/VRF, and network devices in a single process. SOLIDserver™ DDI provides visibility, control and high availability of mission-critical network services through centralized management, advanced automation, and corporate policy enforcement.

DNS Security

The 360° DNS Security solution offers a holistic approach to secure DNS servers from both external and internal threats to protect data and business continuity. It consists of five products, which work together- or as standalone offerings- for a more reliable and secure network: SOLIDserver, DNS Blast, DNS Guardian, DNS Firewall, and DNS Cloud. In addition, easy integration to Cisco Umbrella extends security perimeters to protect apps, data, and users.

Network Automation

Network Automation technology from EfficientIP delivers end-to-end network visibility and control to simplify network management and reduce operating costs. The core product NetChange provides advanced discovery and automated configuration of the network across all physical and virtual platforms.

Cloud and Virtualization

EfficientIP DDI and network automation solutions help companies to deploy more agile, reliable, and scalable public cloud (AWS, Azure, Google), private cloud (VMware, OpenStack), and hybrid cloud infrastructures through intelligent orchestration and automation. To avoid “cloud lock-in”, the DDI solution supports multi-cloud and leading orchestrators.

Application Traffic Management

To overcome conventional GSLB issues, EfficientIP offers edge GSLB – the world’s first DNS with smart, robust GSLB functionality built into recursive servers. DNS GSLB brings a simple and efficient way to load balance traffic from the network edge, taking into account geographical dispersion and availability of resources.

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