Why FrontRow?

FrontRow makes technology for effortless communication in any learning environment, and that helps you deliver a great education more efficiently. Although we think of it as a single platform, most users start out by focusing on one of six major FrontRow solutions: Classroom Audio, AV Control, Campus Communications, Emergency Communications, Lesson Capture and Remote & Hybrid Learning.
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Classroom Audio

FrontRow classroom sound systems overcome a problem most people aren’t even aware of — that 25% of what the teacher says in class never reaches students’ brains. In the back of the classroom, the amount of missing information approaches 40%.
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Classroom AV Systems

As new technology becomes part of the modern classroom, teachers have to spend more of their in-class time operating it. FrontRow AV Systems integrate multiple AV sources and give the teacher a single point of control — either a control panel on the wall, a virtual one on the computer, or even simple voice commands. No more fumbling around in front of students. No steep learning curves. Teachers can use what they want, when they want, to connect with students in a media-rich environment.
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Flexible Campus Communications

Establishing a schedule for routine notifications and announcements or preparing for disruptions from late start days or true emergencies can be difficult with traditional campus bells and intercom systems. FrontRow offers you more power to keep the situation under control and communicate clearly.
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Safety & Emergency Communication

As part of an effective Emergency Preparedness Plan (EPP), schools need to support their life-safety systems with communication technologies that help keep staff and students aware, informed, focused, and out of harm’s way. Whether it's remote learning, social distancing in the classroom, having to teach with a mask, or implementing staggered schedules, let FrontRow make your safety planning much easier.
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Lesson Capture

Lesson Capture provides an audio and visual record which students can repeat as many times as they need. With FrontRow, teachers can capture their lessons while they deliver them, whether their class is in person or remote, and automatically upload them for asynchronous learning on their school’s LMS.
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Remote & Hybrid Learning

Learning environments need to accommodate everyone, even those who are not physically present. With FrontRow, remote students can benefit from the same audio clarity as they would in the classroom. Our solutions are expandable for distance learning, remote learning, hybrid learning, or lesson capturing that engages learners.

Products from FrontRow

LessonCam captures the visual elements of a lesson for remote or hybrid teaching or for students to review what they learned in class.

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The Lyrik is a small yet mighty portable wireless sound system for instruction and audio media to be heard anywhere: in a classroom, outside on a sports field, or even online!

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FrontRow Juno®: All-in-one classroom sound with amazing digital sound quality, time-saving lesson capture, and future connectivity. 

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The powerful, portable, durable voice amplification system with amazing sound quality. 

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FrontRow's classic classroom audio solution, the Pro Digital fills any classroom with sound, to ensure that the listener hears every nuance no matter where they are in the classroom.

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ezRoom simplifies classroom management and enhances classroom communication. From voice amplification to AV control, this "everything but this display" solution seamlessly integrates all your classroom technology into a single, easy-to-use system.

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A robust IP-based control and school communications solution that covers your campus.

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FrontRow Software helps schools manage their classroom and campus-wide communication as well as the various audiovisual devices that comprise their systems.
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