Impero | The first line of defense in the digital world.

In our digital world, secure connections are fundamental to effective education and a productive workforce. In the classroom, in an office, in a hospital or in any remote environment, our users count on Impero to make millions of swift, secure and seamless connections every day. 

One engine for everything you need.

A powerful suite of resources - A robust collection of tools and resources to empower your school.

Student wellbeing is fundamental to student achievement.  That's why safeguarding students is at the heart of the Impero suite.  From the classroom to the cloud, Impero delivers end to end student management and unified insights.

Secure Remote Access for Healthcare IT

The most secure solution - Fully compliant with HIPAA, PHI and ISO

Impero offers trusted remote access solutions for all healthcare IT services. Whether it's sending patient data through secure, encrypted channels or remotely monitoring specialized medical devices, our suite of HIPAA-compliant remote access software offers more features without sacrificing security.

Chosen by industry leaders

Highly configurable enterprise remote access software - With multi-layered security

Fortune 100 companies trust Impero to provide secure connectivity into the devices they produce and their production facilities. We help them achieve fast, reliable remote control of equipment in clean rooms, on factory floors and of legacy devices.

Enhanced Efficiency for Retailers

Secure remote access for all in-store technology - Support POS systems and more

With Impero Connect, you don’t have to sacrifice security to efficiently manage retail operations. Our retail remote support software uses a single interface to help reduce resolution times while exceeding compliance standards.

Featured Products

Impero Backdrop

Manage student safety concerns, for free.

Backdrop Features:
  • Whole-school reporting
  • Concern chronology
  • Intervention management
  • Alert management
  • Document vault
  • Remote safeguarding

Impero Webcheck

AI-powered Internet filtering for schools. The Internet, minus the harmful stuff.

Webcheck Features:
  • Multi-lingual filtering
  • Multi-site filtering
  • SSL inspection
  • Granular policy management
  • Per-use filtering
  • Custom reporting

Impero Classroom

Classroom management software. Every learner, any environment.

Classroom Features:
  • Real-time monitoring
  • MIS integration
  • Google Classroom integration
  • Microsoft Azure AD integration
  • Tab management
  • Broadcast screen
  • Launch website
  • Block / Allow lists
  • Send message

Education Pro

Combining learner wellbeing and device management to enhance digital learning

Education Pro Features:
  • Cross Platform
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Messaging & chat
  • Remote control
  • Keyword detection
  • Capture management
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Power management
  • Device inventory

Impero Wellbeing

Robust Internet safety for schools, using keyword detection.

Wellbeing Features:
  • Keyword libraries
  • Custom keywords
  • Capture management
  • Logs and reports

Impero Connect

Connect with confidence to any device, platform or network.

Connect Features:
  • Superior security
  • Flexible connectivity
  • Faster service
  • Built for enterprise
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