One technology suite to meet all your school district’s needs

Rather standalone or as an integrated suite, our patented educational technology can help all districts, big or small, improve education and safeguard students online. Designed exclusively for and in partnership with K-12 schools around the world, we’ve innovated continuously to scale student safety from the classroom to the cloud.

CIPA-compliant web filtering anywhere, on any device

  • Better filtering for K-12 schools with the most comprehensive database of online content in the industry.
  • Cloud-based, device-level protection across all devices and operating systems.
  • Teach safely with YouTube.
  • Empower parents with student activity insights and control over screen time after hours.
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Prevent student suicide, cyberbullying, and school violence

  • Real-time alerts of student danger and harmful behavior.
  • Trained Lightspeed Safety Specialists monitoring AI warning signs 24/7/365.
  • More multi-OS and browser support than any other school safety software.
  • Strict student data privacy and security compliance.
  • Integration with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace for Education.
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Data analytics for complete visibility into online learning

  • Customizable dashboards provide admins with relevant views of their most critical data.
  • Receive granular insights of license usage reports to boost district-wide ROI.
  • Stay compliant and identify threatening apps to student privacy.
  • Analyze student engagement by leveraging comprehensive usage data.
  • Track funding sources, app adoption, license tracking, and data compliance.
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Create engaging digital learning environments

  • Monitor student device screens in real-time.
  • Block URLs, lock screens, and close browser tabs to remove distractions.
  • Customize online content to keep students focused and engaged.
  • Encourage autonomy over classwork with status updates and messaging.
  • Leverage attendance controls to check students into classrooms.
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Mobile device management built for K-12

  • Utilize an intuitive interface with simplified, multi-OS device management.
  • Remotely manage student devices, apps, and policies.
  • Ensure policy adherence for features such as WiFi, cameras, and OS updates.
  • Recover devices quickly by tracking lost or stolen equipment.
  • Policy scheduling allows admins to start and end policies for extended periods, like Spring Break.
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Join the 28,000 schools already using Lightspeed Systems

With over 20 years of providing technology to meet the needs of schools, Lightspeed Systems® is the pioneer and market leader in online student safety and effectiveness. Lightspeed Systems is a proven partner, serving over 20 million students in 39?countries and 28,000 schools globally.

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