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The world's most comprehensive student safety platform

Linewize combines world-leading technology with industry leaders in online safety education, IT administration, and protective strategies for teachers and students. Our aim is to help schools, students and families develop better digital habits and better communities.

Linewize Monitor

Worried about what students are doing online? There’s no need with Linewize Monitor, the most advanced student threat detection tool in K-12. Linewize Monitor provides the widest safety net for assessing risk events and at-risk students based on online behaviors, including violence, bullying, suicide, drugs, abuse, extremism and oversharing. Linewize Monitor is the only solution to hold all four iKeepSafe student data privacy certifications; COPPA, FERPA, CSPC, and ATLIS. AI and human moderators work hand-in-hand to assess and remove false positives and alert you only to instances you need to know about, giving you more time to focus on intervention and supporting students.

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Classwize. Providing screen and content visibility of all devices in class, including BYOD and personal devices

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Community. Providing cyber safety education and tools, including a parent app, to engage your school community

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