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Logitech designs products that connect people to the digital experiences they care about in ways that matter. In education, Logitech’s tools and solutions equip educators and students to be more engaged, more collaborative, and more creative. 

Enhance Teaching and Learning Experiences

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Increase Focus and Stamina

Student and teacher productivity and achievement will reach new heights with Logitech solutions. Ergonomically designed to prioritize health and wellness, Logitech education solutions increase speed and accuracy while maximizing retention.
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Foster Collaboration and Engagement

With Logitech solutions, Students can effectively collaborate with their peers and teachers in the classroom or at home. Logitech technology enables more interactive instruction and supports new teaching modalities such as individualized learning.
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Power Student and Teacher Creators

Logitech webcams and headsets enable students and teachers to create their own content. These tools allow educators to diversify their teaching methods and improve student engagement by bringing learning into the often-preferred digital space.

Logitech’s Education Solutions Feature:

Quick and Simple Setup image

Quick and Simple Setup

With stereo jack, USB, and wireless options, simply plug and play.
Rugged Protection image

Rugged Protection

Logitech's education solutions meet military drop standards and are built to withstand cleaning and disinfecting after each use.
3-Year Warranty image

3-Year Warranty

Logitech's education solutions are backed by a three-year warranty with customer care support.
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Sustainable Design

As a part of Logitech's commitment to sustainability, our education solutions are designed to comply with RoHS, REACH, and California Prop 65 requirements.

Compatibility Across Platforms

For iPad

Logitech has been designing for, and sometimes with, Apple® for over a decade. This partnership drives the development of Logitech’s growing iPad ecosystem for education. 

For Chromebook

Logitech is proud to be a Works with Chromebook partner. This certification means that Logitech’s education solutions have been tested and certified to meet compatibility standards to work seamlessly with Chromebooks.

For Windows

Logitech education solutions connect seamlessly to Windows PCs, enhancing the user-experience on a wide range of devices.

Webcams, Streaming Cameras, and Classroom Cameras - Enable collaboration in any environment.

C270 Pro HD Webcam

Virtual education in full HD clarity

Mevo Start Streaming Camera

Wireless live streaming with ease.

Rally Bar Classroom Camera

Enhanced collaboration in any space.

Scribe Whiteboard Camera

AI-powered whiteboard content sharing. 

Headsets and Audio - Eliminate distractions in noisy environments and enable students to hear and be heard more clearly.

H111 for Education Student Headset

Crystal clear audio in a rugged, cleanable design—built specifically for students.

H540 USB Computer Headset

Premium audio with on-ear controls.

Zone Headset

The top-of-the-line choice for elevating teacher workspaces.

Blue Microphones

Exceptional clarity for face-to-face learning, streaming, and content creation.

Mice & Keyboards - Drive productivity and precision.

Rugged Combo 3 and Rugged Combo 3 Touch

Enhanced iPad experiences in a protective case.

MK120 and MK2710 Mouse and Keyboard Combos with Silicone Cover

Productivity and protection in wired and wireless options.

Pebble i345 Wireless Mouse for iPad

Precise control featuring silent clicking and an ambidextrous design.

Wired Keyboard for iPad

Plug-and-play connectivity for efficient setup and typing.

Logitech MX Keys Mini

Introducing MX Keys Mini - a smaller, smarter, and mightier keyboard made for creators.

Wireless Presenters and Tablet Styluses - Foster student engagement and development.

Spotlight Wireless Presenter

Maximum presentation flexibility and content highlighting capabilities to capture student attention.

Crayon for iPad

Kid-friendly design and pixel-perfect technology that lets students write, take notes, draw idea charts, and illustrate.

Logitech Pen

Designed for students, with students and educators, Logitech Pen provides the control they need to work their way and collaborate in all new ways with their peers and teachers.

Esports - Set your esports program up for success.

Gaming Headsets

Superior sound quality and a comfortable design for improved team collaboration and participation.

Gaming Keyboards

Speed, accuracy, and durability for high-performance gaming.

Gaming Mice

From sensors to shape, the best options to fit every gamer’s preference.




The strategic use of tech in learning unlocks barriers, simplifies education, and creates opportunities. Learn how to open new doors for students and educators.

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Logitech solutions elevate student and teacher performance across Apple, Google, and Windows devices. Offering tools specifically designed for education environments and exciting extracurricular activities like esports and content creation.

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