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Designed for Learning

Designed for students, Logitech Pen provides the control they need to work their way and collaborate in all new ways with their peers and teachers.

The soft, non-slip grip fits hands of many sizes for maximum comfort, making it ideal for in-class work, homework, exams, and more. The active tip allows students to write, draw, take notes, sketch, annotate, markup, shade, and navigate.

With no pairing needed, teachers can make notes on students’ tablets for real-time feedback. Logitech Pen works with hundreds of Chromebook™ apps across all disciplines, from math to language to fine arts, so it’s useful the entire school day. And, charging is a snap with the USB-C cable that students already have for their Chromebooks.

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Logitech Pen works with any USI-enabled Chromebook. USI certification provides the quality and interoperability schools need.

Chromebook Certified

Logitech Pen meets Google’s compatibility standards to work seamlessly with Chromebooks.

No Pairing Needed

Just pick up and go! Up to 15 days of battery life and fast charging keeps students working—a 30-second charge provides 30 minutes of use.

Exceptional Clarity

The 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity let students create any lines or characters with no delay and more clearly than with a finger or rubber tip stylus.

Designed for Comfort

Soft silicone grip, a comfortable tri-lobe shape, and optimal sizing provide increased comfort for extended use.

Rugged Durability

Meets military standards for drop protection, withstanding falls up to 4 ft (1.2 m). And, it’s spill resistant too.

Secure, Removable Tip

The tip design withstands prying off but replaces easily with pliers if needed.

Smart Power Management

Automatic power management with smart sleep/wake. Designed to remain functional even after six months of dormant storage.
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