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Rhombus offers a first of its kind platform that includes AI powered security cameras and smart sensors. All of these IoT devices work seamlessly together giving customers unparalleled insights into their spaces.


R120 2MP Dome - Increase camera coverage and density

The Rhombus R120 helps organizations improve visibility and awareness by delivering enterprise-grade video security and IoT sensor capabilities at a hard to beat price. With a vandal-resistant and fully weatherproof design, the R120 makes it easy for organizations to upgrade to a modern cloud solution.

The R120 supports all Rhombus sensors.

R200 5MP Dome - The New Standard in Enterprise Security

The Rhombus R200 delivers simple and dependable, enterprise-grade security in a mini-dome form factor. Powered by a quad-core processor, the R200 features full HD recording, up to 180 days of on-camera storage, and advanced edge processing for smarter object recognition. Built for versatility, the R200 comes standard with infrared night vision and a weatherproof design perfect for any environment.

The R200 supports all Rhombus sensors.

R360 360° Immersive- Complete Visibility with Immersive 360° Views

The Rhombus R360 eliminates the need for multiple camera installations by capturing panoramic 360° views of any environment. Included are multiple viewing options – fisheye, title-view, and real-time immersive – delivering maximum visibility for any situation. With a vandal-resistant and fully weatherproof design, the R360 is perfect for a wide variety of deployments.

R400 4K Dome- Ultra-HD, 4K Video from Every Angle

The Rhombus R400 is a premium, enterprise-grade security camera, featuring 3x optical zoom and sharp 4K video from a distance, or up close. With the R400’s varifocal lens, organizations can adjust camera views in real-time for optimal performance. The R400 delivers industry-leading performance and is built to withstand the harshest environments.

R500 4K Bullet - Bring Faraway Subjects – Up Close

Capture faces and license plates with incredibly clarity. Designed for maximum performance and durability, the R500 features 2.5X optical zoom and 4K resolution to capture detailed video from long distances.

R510 4K Bullet - Built for the Toughest Environments

Crisp 4K video and industry-leading performance in a durable bullet form factor. The R510 features a varifocal lens and wider field of view, making it versatile for wide range of deployments.


A100 - Audio Gateway

The A100 brings intelligent audio analytics to the Rhombus Platform. Pair with any Rhombus camera to capture audio with synchronized video, and receive real-time alerts triggered by abnormal audio events. For two-way communication, use the A100’s built-in speaker and microphone or use the jacks to connect to external audio devices.

D1 Door Sensor - Entry Monitoring

The Rhombus D1 delivers powerful entry monitoring capabilities combined with video footage to provide insight when a door, window, or entry point has been opened. The D1 connects automatically to the nearest Rhombus BLE-enabled device and can be attached anywhere to issue alerts when an entry point has been breached or left vulnerable.

E1 - Environmental Monitoring

The Rhombus E1 delivers powerful temperature and humidity monitoring capabilities combined with video footage to provide insight when issues arise in temperature-sensitive areas. The E1 connects automatically to the nearest Rhombus BLE-enabled device and can be attached anywhere to issue alerts when an environment reaches abnormal levels.

E2 - Air Quality Monitoring

The Rhombus E2 monitors air quality and sends real-time alerts based on temperature, humidity, smoke, vape, carbon dioxide levels, and more. It also supports an external temperature probe that makes it easy to monitor harsh temperatures in industrial environments and cold storage units. The E2 provides environmental readings combined with video footage to help you create safer and healthier environments.

M1 - Motion Sensing

The Rhombus M1 delivers motion-sensing capabilities to provide real-time occupancy data and alerts for detected motion. The M1 Sensor can be installed anywhere, especially in areas where cameras are not needed or permitted, to ensure privacy and enable users to monitor movement across locations smoothly and efficiently.

The Console

One Console. Maximum Visibility.

Securely access and view live video remotely, quickly find and share footage, and manage users from a simple unified platform.

Advanced Cloud Management

Reduce complexity and achieve scalability with a platform that works for everyone.

  • 24/7 remote access through web, mobile, tablet, or Apple TV
  • Manage all cameras, sensors, locations, and users from a single console
  • Save unlimited video clips and share them with a click of a button
  • Lowest bandwidth requirements (10 Kbps at rest)
  • Best-in-class video latency (as low as 200 ms)

Smart Alerts & Notifications

Improve response times and receive alerts for when certain events happen.

  • Get notified via web, mobile, email, Slack, and more
  • Custom alerts for unidentified people, vehicles, sensors, and more
  • Anomalous log-in detection and full activity audit logs
  • Continuous system health monitoring with weekly email summaries

Quick, Insightful Investigations

Increase productivity and visibility by locating the footage you need.

  • Search through footage in minutes with activity-based indexing
  • Filter footage for movement, faces, sensor events, unusual behavior, and more
  • Combine security cameras with IoT sensors for deeper data into your space
  • Explore the platform with global search and easily locate footage

Developed for the Modern Enterprise

Maximize resources with a system that seamlessly integrates with your business.

  • Integrations with your favorite enterprise applications
  • Custom levels of system access with user and role management
  • Single sign-on via SAML and API Access
  • Automatic firmware updates, encrypted data, and regular security patches
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