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Founded in 2016, Rhombus was one of the first companies in the world to develop cloud-based physical security at the enterprise level. Since pioneering cloud security cameras, we've continued to create new, innovative ways to serve our customers. From new product lines and services to new features rolled out at no cost, we're proud to share our expertise and pave the way for modernized physical security.
Rhombus Cloud-Managed Physical Security
Simple. Secure. Powerful. Rhombus is the cloud-based physical security platform designed to unify and streamline operations for enterprise organizations. Comprised of intelligent security cameras, connected IoT sensors, third-party integrations, and an intuitive web-based VMS -- Rhombus eliminates complexity from security management to help organizations see, understand, and respond to critical events in real-time.
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Secure by Default

With enterprise-grade encryption and regular security audits, Rhombus puts your security first.
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Simple Setup

No NVR/DVRs required. Rhombus cameras connect via PoE and come online in minutes.
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Built with Quality in Mind

All cameras use enterprise-grade components and include 10-year warranties for complete peace-of-mind.
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Automatic Updates

Stay ahead of threats and protect your organization with the best security technology.

Dome Cameras, Fisheye Cameras and Bullet Cameras

R120 image


Vandal and weather-resistant, all-purpose dome with AI analytics and Rhombus sensor compatibility.

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R170 image


Compact, discreet, and unobtrusive micro-dome with AI analytics and Rhombus sensor compatibility.

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R200 image


Vandal and weather-resistant, all-purpose dome with AI analytics and Rhombus sensor compatibility.

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R230 image


No wired internet, no problem. All-purpose dome camera with WiFi capabilities for easy and flexible deployments.

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R400 image


Vandal and weather-resistant, high-resolution 4K dome with AI analytics and 3x optical zoom.

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R360 image


Immersive 360 degree fisheye with multiple viewing options for maximum coverage.

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R500 image


High-performing, long-distance reading 4K bullet with AI analytics and 2.5x optical zoom.

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R510 image


Ruggedized, high-performing 4K bullet with AI analytics and 3X optical zoom

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Sensor Network

Customize your physical security and acquire new insights beyond just capturing video.
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Secure & Reliable

All communication is end-to-end encrypted for uncompromising reliability and cybersecurity.
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Powerful Data

Receive real-time alerts and visualize sensor data with video evidence to streamline operations.
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Automatic Updates

Always up to date and secure — receive new features and product enhancements at no cost.

Connected Censors

A100 image


Discover a radically new way to secure your spaces. Rhombus’ audio gateway provides synchronized audio with video, two-way audio with broadcasting, glass break detection, and more.

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B10 image


Get one-touch emergency response: program button presses with a correlated action, like dispatching emergency services, triggering loud alarms, or securing doors.

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D20 image


Get real-time awareness, instant alerts, and synchronized video clips for entry events. Manage entry points during emergencies and prevent unauthorized access.

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E2 image


Create safer spaces with real-time air quality, smoke, vape, and volatile chemical monitoring. The E2 reveals powerful insights so you can speed up incident responses with real-time alerts.

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E15 image


Proactively detect changes in temperature and humidity. Immediately address potentially harmful fluctuations and eliminate the risk of hazardous conditions. 

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M1 image


Obtain visibility without cameras. Acquire insights into camera-less locations with real-time motion sensing capabilities.

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