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Humans spend 90% of our time indoors, so the buildings where we work, live, and play have a huge impact on our overall health. R-Zero’s connected ecosystem of biosafety technologies identifies risk by sensing how your building is being used, then automatically disinfects air and surfaces to mitigate risk in real time. It’s the first system designed to create buildings that actively work to keep occupants safe and more productive.

Complete, tailored solutions to meet your unique building, budget, and safety needs

R-Zero’s complete disinfection ecosystem combats surface-borne and airborne microorganism risk. Our approach combines superior UV-C disinfection technology with automated data compilation, machine learning, and auditable tracking. Each system is uniquely designed to meet the needs of your space.
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Smart, whole-room UV-C disinfection with hospital-grade efficacy to reset risk. Arc is engineered to deliver the best performance on the market, with shorter cycles, higher efficacy, and safer spaces. Arc enables R-Zero’s +2:1 ROI by resetting microbial risk in unoccupied rooms. It also helps reduce the costs of chemicals and manual labor, while creating safe disinfection proven for more than 100 years.
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Autonomous, upper room UVGI device made for occupied spaces; inactivates airborne microorganisms every 5 minutes. Beam virtually eliminates high-risk aerosol transmission of pathogens by adding +12eACH. It also carries 9X less operating costs vs. increased ventilation, driving high ROIs. Upper room UVGI is recommended by ASHRAE and the CDC.
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The safest far UV air & surface disinfection device made for occupied spaces; continuously inactivates microorganisms in seconds. Vive uses 222nm far-UV light to inactivate harmful microorganisms in the air and on surfaces in seconds, even while people are present. For the first time ever, the air we breathe and surfaces we touch can be disinfected continuously, automatically, and in real time.
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