Staymobile is with you every step of the way.

As a school district, corporate enterprise, government office, or healthcare facility, managing your mobile and desktop devices requires attention at every stage of the Device Timeline. A break down at any point in that timeline can be an obstacle to your success. That’s why, at Staymobile, we can provide solutions and support wherever your pain points are…regardless of the types of devices or where they sit in terms of factory warranties.

Students + Devices = Breakage

Keeping your classroom devices working and in the hands of your students is critical to avoiding interruptions to educating. With Staymobile, you get optimal protection on new, used, or refurbished devices for up to 4 years.

Your Mobile Workforce

Keeping your devices working and in the hands of your team is paramount to your mobile device management (MDM) success. But when their company phone, iPad, or laptop stops working, productivity grinds to a halt. That’s why having a device deployment, protection, and service program in place is now a must-have for any enterprise IT staff. That’s where we come in.

Solutions for Your Device Deployment Needs

Device Deployment - The challenges associated with the deployment of hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of devices are significant. Staymobile offers a set of solutions designed to extend your capabilities in timely, effective, and affordable ways.


  • Remove device from shipment packaging
  • Remove accessories from packaging
  • Dispose of excess packaging in green-friendly ways

First Boot

  • Plug in and Power-on the device
  • Power cycle the device
  • Manage dead on arrival (DOA)

Software Install, Configure, & Enroll

For Microsoft devices:
  • Imaging – Client IT department’s preconfigured system, software configuration to be imaged
For Chrome / Google devices:
  • Enroll device in the client’s management console

Asset Tagging

  • Apply adhesive asset tag to device per customer spec
  • Marry asset tag and serial number

Case Installation

  • Remove case from packaging
  • Snap case onto device
  • Dispose of case packaging in green-friendly ways

Delivery & Last Mile

  • Devices are repackaged in multi-device slot boxes
  • Delivered to client via UPS, FedEx, or trucking company
  • Staymobile accepts device delivery on-site(s)
  • Repackages
  • Devices are set up per client specification

Staymobile Protect™ is the industry’s leading device protection program

A plan designed specifically for your needs - Staymobile Protect comes in 3, 4, and 5-star protection programs, with each tier providing more comprehensive services. 

Damage Protection

  • Program available for 1, 2, 3, and 4 years
  • Damage protection associated with screens, casing, buttons, ports, cameras, speakers, mics, and keyboards
  • No service fees or deductibles
  • Unlimited service and repairs during program term (per program terms & conditions)
  • Parts and workmanship guarantee during program term
  • If device cannot be serviced, it will be replaced with equal to or better make/model

Extend OEM Service

  • Staymobile extends factory service past the 1st year thru years 2 – 4

Battery & Power Replacement

  • If battery or power supply fails, Staymobile replaces them for program term

Protective Cases

  • Reinforced corners for added protection
  • Slip resistant technology
  • Air vents for heat disbursement
  • Translucent finish for access to asset tags
  • Slim and lightweight

Solutions for Your Device Service Needs

Device Service - In any school or business, laptops, phones, or tablets will inevitably require service. That’s why having the right solutions in place to manage ongoing service and repairs is so important. Staymobile has the right service solutions to keep your devices working and in the hands of your students, staff, or team.


  • In Warranty: Staymobile facilitates OEM repairs and extends service where applicable
  • Out of warranty: Staymobile will quote services for necessary repairs
  • Staymobile repairs device when damage occurs

Service Delivery

Pickup and Drop off:
Eligible devices in the immediate service area:
  • Weekly scheduled pickup/drop off
  • Repaired at a local Staymobile Technology Center
Depot Repair:
Eligible devices not in the immediate service area:
  • Shipped pre-paid to and from the nearest Staymobile Technology Center

Facilitate OEM Warranty

  • Authorized service provider for Acer, Asus, Dell, Lenovo 
  • Submit claims on client’s behalf to manufacturer
  • Upon approval, device repairs are performed on behalf of the OEM

Annual Refresh

  • Annual cleaning, sanitization, and detail
  • 36-point inspection
  • Ensure device is operating per manufacturer specs

Solutions for Your Device End-of-Life Needs

Device Retirement - At some point, every device reaches the end of its usable life. Staymobile can assist in the creation of a buyback program, allowing you to turn your retired devices into cash. We can also help you dispose of your undesirable devices in efficient, eco-friendly ways.


  • Purchase end-of-life or obsolete devices
  • Destruction of data


  • Collect your undesirable devices and dispose of them in eco-friendly manner
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