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Unitrends is built on 30 years of innovation, creating solutions to your problems. We know that as an IT professional on a team with limited staff and a LOT of other responsibilities, you don't have the time, budget, resources, or risk tolerance to manage a complex backup environment. Unitrends introduces backup appliances and cloud data protection that leverage cutting edge technology to automate manual tasks, eliminate management complexity, and deliver tested hardware and software resilience.

Welcome to hassle-free data protection.
Real Stories. Real Success.
If there is ever a career defining moment, it's when you have to deal with a ransomware or other cyber attack. Hear how one Unitrends customer faced his career defining moment.

Part of Unitrends mission is to eliminate data loss, ransomware, and downtime. Watch how Dualite (like thousands of businesses around the globe) is using Unitrends Unified BCDR to change the way they work, and have real success in the real world.
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The all-in-one Solution - Our products work together.
Recovery Series Appliances
Unitrends Backup Software
Unitrends EndPoint Backup
VM Backup Essentials (vBE)
Backup for Microsoft 365
Unitrends Helix
Unitrends DRaaS
Forever Cloud
Unitrends Free
Disaster Recovery Planner
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