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The wireless screensharing and student engagement platform

Vivi is the only scalable, easy-to-use wireless screensharing and student engagement platform engineered for, and by, the education sector. Any device, any number of users/classrooms, any media type, any learning type, any display.
Vivi for IT Administrators image

Vivi for IT Administrators

Watch your support tickets go down.
As an IT administrator, you’re the air traffic controller of your school with centralized management.

Connect directly to your user database through LDAP and SAML, bulk configure and update, and control emergency broadcasts and digital signage. For one display in one room, or 10,000 displays across 10 campuses.

  • Bulk configure & updates.
  • Guest access controls.
  • Usage analytics.
Vivi for Teachers image

Vivi for Teachers

Bring clarity to your classroom.
In a Vivi classroom, teachers can roam and engage with the display and the students from anywhere, enhancing student engagement.

Create a more dynamic learning space, involve your students, and own your classroom. Vivi works with literally every device and display, and it’s ridiculously easy to use.

  • Digital signage.
  • Live broadcast.
  • Emergency alerts.
Vivi for Students image

Vivi for Students

The most used secret in education.
Students can share their work (with teacher permission), prompting immediate feedback where they benefit from student-centric lessons that are more interactive and empowering.

Up to four students can share their work to a display at a time, to compare and contrast different approaches.

  • Direct video.
  • Polls & feedback.
  • Screenshot & annotation.
Welcome to Vivi - One tool to create an engaged, collaborative classroom for students on any device, anywhere
We help IT help teachers help students with classroom technology that enhances collaboration, control, and creativity. 

Get started with the wireless screen sharing solution used in over 33,000 classrooms around the world.
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Active Directory image

Active Directory

Connect directly to your user database through LDAP and SAML. You can sign in with your existing credentials and will inherit appropriate roles depending on the groups you are assigned to.
Guest Access image

Guest Access

Any code created in the dashboard is valid until any set time and for any room, or let your teachers set up their own guests for their own rooms.
Location and Room image

Location and Room

Unlimited number of location hierarchies for your Vivi rooms, and choose how you name, order, and group the rooms.
Room Access and Setup image

Room Access and Setup

Have default access modes for each of your rooms – e.g., in the library, you can enable open-access controls, but in the classroom, the teacher is in control of the display.
Room Activity Logging image

Room Activity Logging

See a history of user interactions and device events, useful for diagnosing issues and occasionally identifying misuse.
60-Second Heartbeat image

60-Second Heartbeat

Vivi boxes send a heartbeat every 60 seconds to your dashboard. An alert will tell you if a Vivi box goes offline before a teacher does.
Bulk Configuration image

Bulk Configuration

You can centrally change settings on the boxes, such as updating admin passwords, changing proxy settings, or restarting devices remotely.
Bulk Update image

Bulk Update

You can centrally update the firmware for your boxes, meaning you don’t need to physically go to each room.
Splash Screens image

Splash Screens

Create a custom image that will be displayed on all Vivi-enabled displays when they aren’t being used.
Metrics image


Quickly see how often teachers and students are presenting to the display, who are the most active users, who might need PD training, and how often Vivi features are being used.
Digital and Classroom Signage image

Digital and Classroom Signage

Any Vivi-enabled display can become a cost-effective digital signage network with no additional technology needed. Upload images, videos, audio, or display a live website to create a media playlist. Target messages to specific classrooms or to the entire school.
Emergency Broadcast image

Emergency Broadcast

Empower teachers to instantly activate a custom emergency message to every Vivi in the school. Set custom emergency alert images that will be displayed when a teacher triggers this feature.

The Vivi Solution

The app. image

The app.

The Vivi app is the teacher’s remote control in the classroom and is designed to save you as much time as possible, while being as engaging as possible.

The app is incredibly intuitive and requires no training. Read our customer stories – every teacher knows how to use it day one, regardless of technical aptitude.

Download it directly from the App Store or Play Store or deploy the app to every teacher and student device with one click.
The dashboard. image

The dashboard.

Centrally manage feature settings, users, guests, Vivi boxes, and view usage and performance data – all in real time.
The box. image

The box.

Your magical little blue box is the vehicle for connecting any device, any media type, to any display.

For your class to become Vivi-enabled, each display will need one of our little boxes, which are controlled through a cloud-based administrative platform.

Each box comes with:
  • Receiver
  • Mounting plate with screw kit (Kensington lock compatible)
  • Power supply (PoE or AC)
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