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HVE ConneXions specializes in custom cloud solutions. From server virtualization to virtual desktops, we can provide a solution that fits. HVE ConneXions was created to combine proven virtualization solutions with state of the art, best-of-breed hardware to support next-generation Cloud requirements. HVE ConneXions is dedicated to helping corporate, government, and educational institutions by delivering world class hardware and software integrated technology solutions and services while incorporating the values of passion, integrity, commitment, and loyalty.
HVE ConneXions: Service, Solution, and Innovation
Dave Harmon, Vice President of HVE ConneXions on Service, Solution, and Innovation by HVE
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Virtual Desktop

HVE VDI Appliance offers 3 basic configuration types:

Stand Alone - Stand Alone HVE Systems are great for starting a new VDI environment. It comes fully configured and ready to deploy.

Cloud Hotspot - HVE Systems can be used to create a Cloud "Hotspot" at a remote location. This setup is ideal for branch offices or other locations separated from the main data center that do not have sufficient bandwidth or other resources to communicate effectively with the central infrastructure.

Tethered - Tethered HVE Systems are designed to tie into existing infrastructure. It is an efficient and cost-effective way to expand desktop pools.

Server Virtualization

HVE ConneXions has engineered a next-generation solution for server virtualization. When it comes to virtualizing servers, the hardware used to run the virtual machines is key to a successful deployment. Our server virtualization solutions are based on our high performance servers that are optimized for server virtualization. As with all our solutions, we keep our customers' budget in mind. Our server offers a much lower TCO than the competition allowing smaller organizations to take advantage of all the benefits of virtualization. HVE server virtualization solutions are also great for growing organizations. Our servers are designed to scale up as the organization grows, without the big price steps typically seen when expanding IT infrastructure. HVE ConneXions was built around virtualization, so our engineers focus on smart solutions targeted to the specific needs of virtualization, and eliminate anything that doesn't add to performance.

Network Storage

SAN and NAS storage devices are a great addition to a datacenter. They allow for easy expansion of shared storage, meaning you only have to buy the storage you need, as you need it. Shared storage is also beneficial when using virtual machines as it adds several useful capabilities including High Availability (HA). HA allows virtual machines to be restarted on another physical server in case of OS or server failure with minimal downtime. There is however a problem that many organizations run into when looking to add shared storage. Storage is expensive. HVE ConneXions can help. Our storage solution is designed with virtualization in mind. Comprised of all SSD drives, you get speed with no moving parts, reducing possible points of failure. HVE saves you money is by offering our appliance with no built-in yearly maintenance agreement or forced renewals. In fact, we’re so confident in our product we include 5 years of warranty and support on every HVE storage appliance.
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