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When you need a charging station as unique as you, KwikBoost has your back. KwikBoost is everywhere you are. You can find our custom charging stations in NFL stadiums, NASCAR Speedways, schools, universities, libraries, restaurants, hospitals, doctor’s offices, military bases, national museums and even social networking companies. KwikBoost is powering devices, people, and experiences. KwikBoost powers you.
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Stay & Charge

KwikBoost Stay & Charge solutions include the original and most popular mobile device charging station on the market. Affordable, easy to use, and built from commercial grade materials, the floor stand or wall mounted station charges up to 8 devices at full speed.
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Lock & Charge

Our Lock & Charge solutions individually store, charge and secure phones, tablets, iPads, and laptops. Easy to use and works just like a hotel safe. Each locker comes with digital locks for individual, 24/7 use. Perfect for schools, hospitals, libraries, and events.
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Work & Charge

Work & Charge stations are perfect for on-the-go users who need to stay productive. From collaborative power tables to wall-mounted workstations that optimize space in multi-purpose environments, these solutions power productivity everywhere you are for everything you do.
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Roam & Charge

Individual and portable power allows guests to roam in your facility and charge their device at the same time. Roam & Charge products can be customized to your specific needs, including number of chargers and types of cables.
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