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Alive Studios is a software publisher who creates mind-boggling learning experiences to increase student engagement. Its reading and math programs use a merging 3D technology (Augmented Reality) to turn any classroom into a virtual field trip. Students are motivated to learn as they interact with 26 virtual animals while learning the crucial fundamentals of reading and math.
Mind Boggling Engagement for Early Learners
Having trouble with reading and math proficiency? This augmented reality software teaches kids how to read and do 86 math skills in a eye-popping way. The whole program in built in a theme of 26 animals that interact with the kids and tie in science.
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Letters alive Plus is an award-winning supplemental reading kit that incorporates evidence-based best practices to teach letters, letter sounds, word building, and sentence building. This phonics program is presented within a 3D augmented reality world filled with animals, tying science in with literacy instruction. Teachers have the flexibility of teaching to whole groups, centers, or individual students. This multi-modality and brain-based approach appeals to a broad range of learning styles including ELL, at-risk, and special needs students.
Math alive is a supplemental mathematics kit that uses augmented reality (3D without glasses) and gaming technology to teach math concepts to early learners. The kit includes a full-year, supplemental math curriculum aligned to kindergarten state standards. Math alive uses the key learning modalities of seeing, hearing, and doing to engage all your early learners and get them motivated about mathematics.
Learning alive Plus is a combination of Letters alive Plus and Math alive, which are designed to build the foundations needed for success in reading and math. Also included are three Interactive Stories for teaching punctuality, courage, and helping others. For one price, you can fill your classroom with our 26 animal characters that tie in science, creating a cross-curricular approach to early literacy. Enjoy the action, sounds, and engagement as our animals spring to life through the magic of augmented reality and provide an eye-popping learning experience for your kids.
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