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Today, the vast majority of the 70 million K-12 and college students in the U.S. are learning through online platforms. This unprecedented shift is putting a big strain on schools’ IT backbones. Fortunately, APC by Schneider Electric has solutions for meeting the challenges posed by today’s capacity surge and tomorrow’s uncertain future.
EcoStruxureâ„¢ Ensures Continued Learning
Bainbridge Island School District chose EcoStruxure IT to help ensure continued availability of its innovative digital learning environment.

APC Solutions for Every Environment

Is the IT infrastructure in your local education facilities more vulnerable than you realize? Increase visibility, reduce downtime, and proactively manage your IT infrastructure with EcoStruxure™ IT

Solutions for Every Environment
Increase visibility
Reduce downtime
Proactively manage your IT infrastructure

Adapting to the New Normal

How to expand capacity, right now
The first stage, happening today, is all about keeping up with the capacity crunch. To determine whether your IT infrastructure can support your network and deploy more capacity if needed, you will need to take stock of the following:
  • servers and networking gear
  • uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs)
  • cooling units, racks, and power distribution units

If you face issues with assessing capacity, you can reach out to Howard and APC by Schneider Electric for assistance.
How to ensure your system remains in good health
Once you’ve met the rush for more capacity, it’s time to make sure your overall system is fit for this unprecedented new normal.
  • Keep current on your service contracts and preventive maintenance, but also focus on preparing for future uncertainty.
  • Plan to replace any UPS batteries approaching five years of use, and any UPS approaching 10 years of use.
  • Consider whether your mission — the big picture — has changed at all.

There’s a good chance you may want to revisit your system’s design. Again, Howard and Schneider Electric can help you figure this out.
How to adapt your system and staff to the new normal
Once the school year wraps up, it’s time to focus more on preparing for future uncertainty. The goal should be to respond to future capacity changes with agility, reliability, and efficiency. Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) should be utilized or modernized if not in place currently.

With a DCIM solution, you can remotely and securely:
  • detect hotspots
  • diagnose faults quickly
  • keep watch over your IT spaces
  • spot energy waste
  • identify ideal locations for new IT capacity
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