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APC by Schneider Electric has become the industry-standard for reliable power and physical IT infrastructure. Now the leading name in IT departments large and small and among our vast community of channel partners, our history of innovation has pushed our products into the global spotlight with infrastructure, management, and data security solutions protecting organizations around the world.
Edge Computing and EcoStruxure Micro Data Centers
With EcoStruxure Micro Data Centers get easily customizable, integrated physical infrastructure for industrial, commercial and traditional IT environments. Leverage tools such as reference designs and our Edge Computing Configurator to easily and reliably customize your EcoStruxure Micro Data Center. Select our pre-integration capability to deliver a complete system in shock packaging right to your site decreasing onsite installation time. Choose EcoStruxure IT, our next-generation DCIM platform, for simple, secure and scalable remote management and operations.
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APC Solutions for Every Environment

Get Support to Overcome Edge Computing Challenges

Local edge sites are critical to operations that are undergoing a digital transformation. But supporting edge computing and distributed IT is often easier said than done, especially when facing a lack of IT staff on-site across a high volume of local edge sites. To reduce this burden requires a mix of partners tightly integrated into an ecosystem that creates micro data center solutions at the edge. Four distinct pillars comprise an edge computing ecosystem, each of which is satisfied by a different type of partner, including:

• The IT Vendor
• The Physical Infrastructure Vendor
• The Systems Integrator
• The Managed Service Provider

Download our white paper to learn more about how we can help you build the right ecosystem for edge deployments.

Transform Digital Transformation With Edge Computing

Edge computing has emerged as a key deployment model for companies embarking on a digital transformation journey. Edge data centers can improve customer experiences, increase operational efficiency, and develop new revenue streams by closely aligning applications and data with the users that need them. Building micro data centers can help you utilize edge computing to fuel a digital transformation strategy.

Design, deploy, and operate physical infrastructure for any edge environment with EcoStruxure Micro Data Centers that are:
• Physically Secure
• Simple to Deploy
• Remotely Manageable

Learn more in this new solution brief.

Unlock the Benefits of Edge Computing

As more businesses embrace digital transformation, they are turning to loT and connected devices to drive their DX efforts. Edge computing is now essential, as many loT applications require some combination of extremely low latency, high-bandwidth, or strict data-handling.

Effective edge computing is key to unlocking the potential of loT applications, with benefits that include:
• Improved Customer Experience
• Increased Operational Efficiency
• New Revenue Streams

Check out this infographic to learn why the market is embracing edge computing, and what benefits it offers to businesses undergoing a digital transformation .
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