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Backed by our innovative team of engineering and archiving experts, ArcMail is synonymous with “Enterprise Information And Email Archiving Made Simple”. Every ArcMail customer gains peace of mind only obtainable from knowing their discoverable information is being archived using a compliant and secure solution that is scalable, dependable, and easy to install, deploy, use, and maintain.

Key ArcMail Features

Comprehensive indexing

ArcMail’s archiving process indexes every single word of every document, email, attachment, and other electronically stored document, collecting all metadata and content in preparation for search and discovery. This enables much faster and accurate searching during an eDiscovery or information request.

Basic and advanced search capabilities

ArcMail’s basic user interface is designed to be used by non-technical staff enabling them to find and retrieve any electronically stored information quickly and efficiently by retrieving only targeted content. ArcMail’s advanced search capabilities make it easy to create complex Boolean searches to find specific content within documents regardless of format or standards. Users can save their advanced search parameters to create a template for recurring use. The results of both basic and advanced searches can be placed directly into a litigation or legal hold.

Retrieval of data originated from various sources

ArcMail archiving solutions enable the user to search and retrieve different types of data that were originally imported into the archive from various locations and sources. Data types include email, attachments, system files, MS SharePoint, and social media among other electronic information. All of this data can be placed into a litigation hold pertaining to a particular case or instance.

Easy exporting of data from the hold to opposing legal counsel

ArcMail makes it easy to produce the data held in a litigation hold for export in any format required, such as PST, EML, and MBX formats. This will allow the organization to comply with any requirements imposed by the courts or opposing legal counsel.

Data security and immutability

ArcMail’s comprehensive data security and immutability measures mean that data cannot be deleted or modified from its original state, making it easy to authenticate the creation and integrity of the documents contained in the litigation hold.
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