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Welcome to the future of adaptable learning and working environments with Artome. Introducing the revolutionary all-in-one audiovisual solution designed to seamlessly transform any space into a dynamic area for education, presentations, and hybrid work. Artome's innovative technology, featuring a built-in Epson laser projector, embedded sound system, and video conferencing capabilities, ensures that you're always ready to create an immersive learning experience or a collaborative working session, no matter where you are. Engineered with flexibility and ease of use in mind, our products are created in direct collaboration with educators, aiming to empower students and teachers alike. Say goodbye to complex installations and discover how Artome makes every space a new opportunity for active learning and productive work. Let's create active learning and working spaces together.
Introducing Artome: Transform Any Space for Learning and Hybrid Working
Artome is a movable and installation-free presentation solution that offers high-quality sound system and hybrid features, enabling effortless and versatile use in various environments.

Artome Audiovisual Solutions

ARTOME S1 image


Artome S1 is every teacher’s ideal sidekick in transforming classes to active learning experiences. Its image and sound are easily manageable with your own device. Bring the big picture and big sound exactly where you need it. Eliminate the situation with any loose wires in the classroom -Artome S1 enables effortless user experience and minimizes the need for any extra cables.

All you need is one HDMI-cable connected to your own device and you're ready to produce sound and image easily.

  • Image Size: 90-150"
  • Brightness - 4100 lm
  • 2.1. - Sound System
  • Audio Volume Capacity - up to 100 persons
  • Compatible Epson Projectors - Powerlite 770F/775F/760W
  • Wireless microphone (option)
ARTOME M10 image


All-in-one solution that combines nordic design with integrated laser projector, embedded sound system and videoconferencing features.

Artome M10 is a movable smart furniture that displays up to a 150” image with an Epson laser projector, produces pure sound through an embedded sound system and enable local presentation and easy videoconferencing with an integrated camera and microphones.

  • Image size: 100-150″
  • Brightness - 5000 lm
  • 2.1. - sound system
  • Audio Volume Capacity - 150 persons
  • Artome Hybridock™
  • Compatible Epson Projectors - Powerlite 800F/805F
  • USB -camera (option)
  • Wireless microphone (option)
ARTOME X20 image


Artome X20 transforms large spaces for events and experiences with highly versatile Epson laser projector and embedded sound system. It is movable and installation free solution that you can easily operate with your laptop through HDMI. Artome X20 brings ease of use to audiovisual technology with plug and play features.

The light output of 7000-10000 lumens produced by the Epson laser projector meets the needs of the most challenging and bright spaces. With optional interchangeable lenses Artome X20 is compatible with any kind of projection environments.

  • Image size: 150-300"
  • Brightness - 6000-10000 lm
  • 2.1. -sound system
  • Audio Volume Capacity - 500 persons
  • Artome Hybridock™
  • Compatible Epson Projectors - EB-PU1006/1007/1008/2010
  • USB -camera (option)
  • Wireless microphone (option)
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