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Audio Enhancement innovates to create more effective schools through improving technology and the learning environment. Our solutions have been helping schools manage the challenges seen commonly in education, as well as obstacles brought by the pandemic. 

Audio Enhancement's solutions are designed to be able to work together, or on their own—classroom audio provides clear instruction through masks; classroom video enhances digital content to facilitate effective remote and blended learning; school-side communication allows for instant flexible scheduling to accommodate staggered schedules; and school safety provides quick communication with office staff to communicate urgent situations  

VIEWpath for Remote and Blended Learning Environments
Schools moved to emergency remote learning in the spring of 2020, and teachers had to learn how to deliver content from a distance. As schools consider how to start the 2020–21 school year, remote learning and blended learning are a very real possibility.

VIEWpath is an ideal tool for facilitating remote and distance learning. With four easy ways to create content and easy ways to deliver it to students with or without internet, it simplifies educators' efforts to deliver effective instruction inside and outside the classroom.

Will the "Next Normal" include teachers wearing masks?

We live in unusual times. As students and teachers return to schools, wearing masks may become the next normal. Ensuring every student receives proper volume and clarity of instruction and can understand what is being taught can already be a challenge with the normal background noise of a classroom environment. With teachers needing to speak from under a mask, classroom audio solutions become an essential aid in student education.

How does wearing a mask affect classroom communication?

Based on a study a mask interferes with the teacher’s ability to communicate effectively. From a student listener’s perspective, there is a major difference in the quality of the teacher’s voice when he or she puts a mask on. Illustrated below, these charts represent the same sentence spoken by a teacher wearing a mask. The colors within each data block represent the levels measured at each 1/3 octave frequency band, with green being normal conversational level, yellow being a quieter speech level at risk of being lost in background noise, and blue being mostly lost in background noise. Using a microphone has a substantial impact on the clarity of teacher communication while wearing a mask.

Classroom Audio Solutions

Beam System

BEAM is an all-in-one classroom audio enhancement system. It features Audio Enhancement’s industry leading XD microphone technology with an integrated amplifier, speaker, Bluetooth®, and multimedia capabilities. BEAM can be integrated with any flat panel display, whether it is mounted on a mobile cart or mounted to a wall.

All-in-One | Microphone

GL-300 System

Audio Enhancement's GL-300 system features RS-232 control with built-in event engine to provide control for the entire audio/visual classroom. The Plenum rated GL-300 Amplifier is UL listed to be installed above the finished ceiling, in the air handling spaces. The GL-300 system includes the GL-300 Amplifier, the XD Receiver, a teacher microphone and four speakers.

Amplifier | Receiver | Speaker | Wall Plate | AVConnect | Touch Wall Control

Mini Media System

With the Mini Media System's small design, the CA-30A and CS-12 speakers leave the classroom clear of wires. Once added to your classroom, upgrading your classroom to get all the benefits of Audio Enhancement is quick and simple. Just plug in the Audio Enhancement XD Receiver to the CA-30A Amplifier, turn on the microphone, and talk!

Amplifier | Receiver | Speaker | Wall Plate

Optimum System

The Optimum System is a networked classroom amplification solution that provides hands-free duplex audio, VoIP based paging and emergency notification. Thanks to the innovative MS-500 Amplifier, paging and intercom functionalities are built right into the system. The Optimum System includes the MS-500 Amplifier, XD Receiver, a teacher microphone and four speakers.

Amplifier | Receiver | Speaker | Wall Plate | AVConnect | Touch Wall Control

Sentinel System

The Sentinel System is an economical solution to providing distributed audio to any classroom. The Sentinel System has flexible mounting options for the amplifier. The CA-60 Amplifier can be mounted behind an interactive whiteboard or in a cupboard. The Sentinel System includes the CA-60 amplifier, XD Receiver, Teacher Microphone, and four speakers.

Amplifier | Receiver | Speaker | Wall Plate

XD Solo

The XDSolo is a complete wireless sound system using DECT Technology. This portable speaker system emits crystal clear audio in any location. With built-in Voice Priority, the system will automatically lower the volume of music when a person speaks into a paired XD microphone. Connect an unlimited number of Speakers to the XDSolo for increased audio range.

Classroom Video Solutions

Audio Enhancement brings you a complete solution for the challenges blending learning is bringing to classrooms across America. With VIEWpath® (Video Interactive Education Window) it’s simpler than ever to  record, reflect, collaborate, and deliver your lessons to students. With VIEWpath Live you can bring homebound students into the classroom discussion.

Recording lessons with VIEWPath is simple thanks to an intuitive user interface. You can easily record lessons from your installed classroom camera, mobile app, portable system, and your own webcam.

EDUCAM360 | EDUCAMPTZ | VIEWpath Appliance

Audio Enhancement’s all-in-one classroom audio and video solution, VIEWpath Blend includes the BEAM and EduCamPTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) camera for the ultimate portable audio and video system. This combined solution allows educators to record both audio and video content for students participating in remote or blended learning.

For in-person instruction, BEAM offers crystal-clear audio, vital for when teachers need to speak through a mask. This portable system, when integrated with the installed headend server, has all the features of VIEWpath®* (Video Interactive Education Window) in one simple-to-use package. Setup is easy, requiring only a network drop and an outlet for power.

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