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As an industry leader in public and private school education, Audio Enhancement takes our mission of enhancing learning for all students to heart. From delivering holistic solutions that focus on classroom interactions and individualized learning to providing safe school communication solutions, the teams at Audio Enhancement work toward the same vision of helping schools, teachers, and students succeed each and every day.
Classroom Audio Benefits
"Since I got an Audio Enhancement system my throat is spared and my students can hear everything I say. I love my system!"

Ms. Keranne Dayberry
1st Grade Teacher
American Perparatory Academy
Draper, UT
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All students deserve to hear their teacher despite where they're sitting, and with Audio Enhancement's Classroom Audio System, they can! Four evenly distributed speakers allow the teacher's voice to be clearly heard when spoken into the wearable microphone. A handheld student microphone also allows students to be heard.

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The classroom video system VIEWpath® is a development platform designed to help teachers evaluate performance, engagement, and content in their lessons. VIEWpath® utilizes the EduCam360®, a classroom camera that allows teachers to record lessons, store it on local server, and share with staff and students.

ViewPath (Video Interactive Education Window)

EPIC System™ was built from the ground up specifically for K-12 education and provides industry-leading access to all of the functions needed every day to efficiently operate a modern K-12 campus. EPIC System features flexibility in bell scheduling and zone creation. Anyone with appropriate credentials can manipulate bells and zones. 2-way intercom with every classroom and emergency notifications are also included with EPIC System. It has never been easier to communicate with the entire campus or directly communicate to a specific location, as the situation arises. School bells are a critical function for a campus, so EPIC System provides a flexible and easy-to-use bell scheduling tool.

EPIC System (Education Paging and Intercom Communications)
SAFE (Signal Alert For Education) System™ is an alert and notification solution that connects teachers and classrooms to first responders for quick response and communication. The integration of SAFE System with the Teacher Microphone gives teachers a personal duress button, providing the ability to send alerts instantly, from anywhere in the school. Office staff are able to discreetly acknowledge the alert, letting teachers know that help is on the way. The web-based interface gives administrators the ability to provide direction and maintain situational awareness of the entire campus, even in the most challenging emergency conditions. When seconds count, SAFE System is there to help!

Safe Administrative Package | Safe Classroom System
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