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Code barcode readers are used in the law enforcement and government communities to gather information more efficiently and effectively. The use of the Code barcode readers are used in eCitation, eCrash Reports, Roadside Checks, Chain-of -Custody, Asset Tracking Networking, Department of Defense IUID programs and more. We offer customized solutions, for easy integration into information and enterprise systems - whatever the application.


Law Enforcement

The use of barcodes for data collection has vastly improved processes within law enforcement. Using Code's wireless or cabled barcode readers enhances the benefits of eCitation, eCrash Reporting, Roadside Inspection, Chain-of-Custody and Asset Tracking systems. Officers use Code barcode readers to read barcodes on driver licenses, vehicle registrations and vehicle identification numbers through a windshield. Data is instantly decoded and sent to the host device via cable or Bluetooth connection. For additional flexibility Code readers allows users to toggle between applications stored on the reader and even direct the same data set multiple applications.

Code™ Readers for Law Enforcement:  1400, 2600, 3600

Department of Motor Vehicles

Combined with Code's open JavaScript platform, Code barcode readers will allow barcoded data to be populated into any application from any state driver license, regardless of current or future AAMVA standards, making Code barcode readers the most cost-effective and future-proof barcode reader on the market.

Code™ Readers for the DMV:  1400, 3600

Department of Defense (UID)

The initiative from the Department of Defense (DOD) to accurately mark, track and trace components used in the assembly process requires barcode scanning solutions that are durable, secure and provide accurate scanning of each barcode the first time and every time. Code’s suite of 2D barcode scanners are engineered, manufactured and tested with this purpose in mind and each are equipped with a wide range of features for even the most demanding environment.

Code™ Readers for the DOD:  1400, 2600, 3600, 3600 DPM

Age Verification

It only takes one age verification error on the sale of alcohol, tobacco, and other age-restricted products and services for a business to face fines and penalties that could threaten the reputation or even the future of a business.  To protect businesses from age verification infractions, Code has designed the CR3600, an easy-to-use, out of the box, age verification solution that combines reliable 2D barcode reading with advanced data parsing capabilities.

Code™ Reader for Age Verification:  3600 Age Verification Solution

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