Enterprise Room Solutions

Crestron Enterprise Room Solutions optimize workflow and resource management, so people work smarter and more efficiently. Crestron is the only single platform that enables you to easily do whatever you want – call, present, collaborate - in all your spaces, and manage them securely on the network.

Meeting spaces

Get groups connected and collaborating instantly with the most powerful, scalable and affordable tabletop meeting solution.

Free Form Spaces

Strategically add Crestron digital and wireless capabilities to lobbies, lounges and other public spaces to turn them into dynamic meeting hubs

Conference Spaces

Empower larger meetings with state-of-the art dual-display presentation, video conferencing, and extended collaboration – all without any programming.

Enterprise Video Distribution

DM® is the global gold standard for enterprise AV distribution, offering the highest quality video, fastest switching, multi-channel professional audio, and network-based control and management, all on a secure enterprise-grade platform.

Enterprise Audio

Sound is the most important element of any space. If you can’t clearly hear and understand everyone in the room or on the phone, nothing else matters. With open spaces, glass walls, metallic surfaces, and high ceilings popular in modern building designs, it’s increasingly difficult to properly tune rooms for optimal intelligibility. Crestron makes it easy to get the best audio experience in every space across the enterprise.

Room Scheduling

With direct, secure connection to the most popular enterprise calendaring platforms, Crestron makes it simple and convenient to locate and book available meeting spaces from anywhere you are: in the hallway; in the room; or on the app.

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