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At Crestron, we build technology for every way people work, everywhere in the world — from desktop to boardrooms, offices to multi-nationals. Technology that adapts to what you have and prepares you for what you’ll need. Platforms, devices, and systems designed to improve communication and collaboration. All managed by a cloud-based system for easy deployment, monitoring, and upgrading. At Crestron, we create simpler solutions so people can work faster, better, and more productively.
Engaging and Equitable.
For true collaboration, everyone, no matter where they work, must be able to participate equally and fully. For the hybrid workplace, that requires solutions with high fidelity audio and intelligent video. And that’s how Crestron Flex Video Conferencing makes sure every meeting is an equitable, engaging, and inclusive experience for everyone. 

Featured Products


Media distribution for every captivating detail and nearly every destination.
DM NVX technology brings it all together, distributing real-time lossless audio and video, USB signals, and device control to thousands of destinations. And DM NVX does it all with uncompromising quality over your existing network. DM NVX is built to the highest levels of security with down-to-the-second content delivery — in the room, across the hall, or around the globe.
AirMedia Connect image

AirMedia Connect

Crestron’s AirMedia® Connect easily transforms any space into a collaboration space and lets you wirelessly present, share, and conference from any device. No drivers to download. No applications to run. No wasted time. One USB-C connection, one buton-press to launch your meeting.
Desk Scheduling image

Desk Scheduling

Finally, a dedicated hardware desk scheduling solution designed to meet the needs of the modern workplace. Crestron’s brand-new Desk Q and Desk Touch products are designed to meet the needs of the modern workplace.
Flex Pods image

Flex Pods

Do you need to change room and then reconfigure rooms often? Crestron Flex Pods are wireless, modular, and scalable to adapt to different meeting types, so everyone can hear and be heard clearly.
Videobar 70 image

Videobar 70

Crestron’s Videobar 70 is an easily deployable device with everything you need to create premium hybrid experiences. Intelligent video capabilities, stereo speakers with the capacity to fill a room, beamforming microphones that pick up every word, and Android OS® for easy install.

Digital Workplace Solutions

DM Lite: Multisource-to-Display image

DM Lite: Multisource-to-Display

Mix-and-match versatile DM Lite transmitters and receivers to create simple systems for most spaces. DM Lite delivers a winning combination of low-cost, yet high-performance. Pair them based on form factor and the type of signals that need to be transmitted along with HDMI®.
AirMedia & Jabra Panacast 50 image

AirMedia & Jabra Panacast 50

BYOD room solutions offer a simple way to bring hybrid meeting capabilities to smaller spaces where you may not need a full conferencing solution. The AirMedia® Receiver 3200-WF + Jabra® PanaCast 50 video bar bundle make doing that easy.
Crestron Scheduling Panels image

Crestron Scheduling Panels

One platform designed to maximize workflow and increase productivity. Crestron Flex Scheduling gathers all types of spaces on one convenient platform. Quickly identify what you need and determine availability. Book from your desk, on your personal device, or on the spot using our enterprise-grade scheduling panels.
Crestron Flex Soundbars image

Crestron Flex Soundbars

The front-of-room member of the family that brings out the best in every meeting with just one USB cable. Adaptive beam forming technology picks up whoever’s speaking with pinpoint precision and goes beyond simple amplification; full range audio delivers the richest content with fullest sound.

A Solution for Every Space

Deliver a consistent, productive meeting experience in any conferencing space with Crestron Flex. Your teams can walk into any room and confidently access video conferencing, wireless presentations, and easy room control for friction-free collaboration. 
Personal Office image

Personal Office

Crestron Flex tabletop phones and mini-tabletop systems unify communication in executive offices. One tap on the high-res touchscreen can start Zoom or Microsoft Teams calls using the high-quality built-in camera and microphone. Optionally, use a wall-mounted display or large monitor for flexibility in viewing shared content and meeting participants.
Small Room image

Small Room

Turn any small meeting space into a collaboration room with Crestron Flex mini-tabletop systems or soundbars. Enjoy simplified meeting setup, seamless integration with Zoom and Microsoft Teams, and excellent audio and video with built-in wide-angle cameras and long-range microphones.
Medium Room image

Medium Room

Crestron Flex tabletop solutions and soundbars make small meetings easy. Bring any device for wireless presentation, manage lights and shades, and share information on the room display and with video conferencing participants.
Large Room image

Large Room

Make large, complicated meetings easy with Crestron Flex. One touch can set up a room for free-flowing creativity, presentations, audio calls, video conferences, training, and more. Route content from multiple devices and presenters onto several room displays. Integrate easily with in-room speakers, cameras, and microphones for large, inclusive meetings.
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