eGlass for Higher Education

eGlass is a Fully Integrated Illuminated Transparent Lightboard with a Built-in Camera

eGlass captures your face and writing in the same frame, boosting student engagement to unprecedented levels. Imagine never turning your back to write again, and connecting with every student with 1-to-1 immediacy, regardless if you’re in a lecture, hall, online, or in a college studio creating streaming and recorded digital assets.

Pull any media, any lesson plan, onscreen… and interact.

eGlass for In-Class Teaching

With eGlass, your face and writing are either projected or shown on monitors.

Your gaze, gestures and body language amplify important written points.

You can read the room, identifying if students are following along, or confused.

eGlass for Online Teaching

eGlass is fully compatible with all video conferencing platforms. And with virtual camera capabilities, full integration is truly built-in.

Every student feels like you’re teaching them personally, and can interact with you as effortlessly as raising their hand. 

eGlass for Hybrid Teaching

Connected to your laptop, eGlass enables you to instantly engage with students learning remotely. Connecting your laptop to a screen or interactive flat panel, your eGlass image is simultaneously projected to students in the classroom. A seamless, effortless, hybrid learning experience.

eGlass in Studio Use

eGlass is a powerful addition to studios built to deliver high quality digital instruction, for both streaming and recorded lessons. Not only will your college deliver a steady stream of digital assets for students, but those assets will have the power of eGlass engagement built in.

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