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A pioneer in multi-platform endpoint management, FileWave was founded in 1992. Offering a single management solution for apps, devices, and configurations for Mac, Windows, and mobile, FileWave gives IT the ability to proactively and automatically provision and maintain every device. With a technical vision aimed towards new and developing technology trends, FileWave remains firmly committed to supporting the systems and processes our customers use right now.
What is FileWave?
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FileWave, a pioneer in managing multiple devices and operating systems, has also led the market in unifying the workflows used to deploy, manage, track, and maintain devices, settings, and apps.

Designed from its inception as a cross-platform tool, Filewave has continued to evolve along with the technology market. Using standardized workflows based on Filesets, Smart Groups, and a powerful reporting engine, FileWave enables easier cross-training of IT teams to manage multiple systems. In an era where each individual user’s devices are a multi-platform environment, those users should not have to rely on multiple support tools and technicians to help them be productive.
By combining management of iOS and macOS devices in a single solution, FileWave can fully leverage Apple’s cross-platform frameworks, such as DEP and VPP, efficiently provisioning based on users and roles, rather than by isolated device types; computer only, or mobile device only.

Unlike traditional Windows management tools that in recent years have added token Mac management capabilities, our rich history and commitment to supporting Apple technologies means our products are designed from the start to fully leverage the newest management frameworks, leveraging tools such as DEP, VPP, MDM, and more.
FileWave’s multi-platform capability enables you to manage all devices – including Chromebooks – from one consolidated view. Setup is as simple as connecting FileWave to your Google Admin console. Organizational units are then mirrored, ensuring all groups and devices are automatically organized within FileWave in a familiar fashion so you can hit the ground running. Once started, you’ll find several search and sorting features not available in Google Admin, making it easier to perform day-to-day operations.
MANAGED: With multi-platform management from a single platform, you can get control of unmanaged devices that are exposing your network to security threats.

PATCHED: FileWave makes it easy to identify unpatched systems, and target patches for deployment to those systems – Mac and Windows. FileWave simplifies complex patch management deployments with minimal impact to network load.

COMPLIANT: Apply self-healing capabilities to your critical security layers, including anti-malware applications and VPN clients. Automatically detect, repair, and reinstall missing or corrupted applications or updates which have been removed or altered accidentally or maliciously.
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