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Getac Video Solutions, located in Minneapolis, became a separate subsidiary of Getac Technology Corporation, a manufacturer of rugged computing solutions. Getac, founded in 1989 through a joint venture of GE Tactical and MiTAC, has become the second largest manufacturer of military grade rugged computing solutions in the world. IRSA, founded in 2006, was a provider of in-car, body-worn and interview-room video recording systems, and cloud-based evidence management. Starting in 2018, the newly minted Getac Video Solutions now offers robust software and rugged hardware solutions to help law enforcement and other industries acquire and manage video and other digital evidence.

Getac Video Solutions: The Next Generation in Police Technology
Body-worn cameras, ZeroDark HD in-car cameras and a 5-inch Display have SMART city capabilities: triggered Bluetooth recording, GPS and WIFI—turning every squad car into a mobile command center. Deputies can enter and tag data, type reports and retrieve content from the field. With powerful Intel® processors in the portable DVR, content is immediately downloaded to the Cloud and integrated across the department for constant connectivity.

Body Worn Camera

The Body-Worn Camera delivers panoramic, full HD video, even in low-light conditions. With one of the smallest and lightest designs in the industry, more than 12 hours of full-shift battery life and a wide range of communication features, it can go wherever the action is, providing complete awareness in critical scenarios.

Enterprise Data Management

Getac Enterprise data management allows law enforcement to quickly identify operationally relevant information, alert responding personnel and receive real-time information from the incident. This highly scalable software provides dashboard overview, media management and remote management of all your devices.

Multi-Camera DVR

Powerful and compact, our DVR captures video from multiple cameras and comes standard with the critical features you rely on such as on-board crash sensor, built-in battery backup, Wi-Fi, GPS and an intelligent power supply to prevent battery drain on the vehicle.

Real Time Command

True control means having access to the sensors and information you need to make quick, informed decisions. Getac Real Time Command allows your force to capture, record and store digital evidence crucial to the case. All so you can visualize and associate agency-unique and mission-specific data and sensors in a clear, easy-to-track format.

ZeroDark HD Cameras

You work at night and so does the ZeroDark HD camera. Using a sensor designed to far surpass existing products in both quality and low-light video recording, ZeroDark excels at recording the details you need—even in darkness. The new smaller size and the ability to combine two cameras for a complete 180° view ensures you don’t miss a thing.

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