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Getac Technology Corporation is a global leader in rugged mobile technologyand intelligent video solutions, including laptops, tablets, software, body-worn cameras, in-car video, interview rooms, and evidence management software. Getac’s solutions and services enable the vital work done by frontline workers operating in the world’s most challenging environments.
Providing Leading Rugged Computing Solutions
Our users choose the road less traveled, and so do we. From the very beginning, Getac has remained dedicated to the rugged technology industry and the users who depend on our solutions. Never deviating, never wavering. We deliver world class user experiences under the most demanding conditions, time after time.

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Getac rugged laptops are designed to operate where consumer-grade laptops dare to tread - from the factory floor to the most hazardous locations in the world, engineered to survive rain, dust, shock, and vibration ensuring uninterrupted connectivity and uncompromising security.

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Getac rugged tablets are ideal for front-line workers that need the computing power of an enterprise-grade computer and the versatility of a tablet. Our rugged Windows and heavy duty Android tablets are engineered to withstand dangerous and harsh environments. They are also built to endure and remain fully operational in any condition. Rain, dust, shock, vibration, or 6-foot operating drops won't stop Getac rugged tablets.

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Body-Worn Cameras

Getac body-worn cameras deliver a stunning, high-definition visual experience unaffected in low light conditions. They are engineered to be among the most compact and lightweight in their class while capable of withstanding impacts, water, and extreme temperatures. When duty calls, Getac stands ready!

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Why Choose Getac?

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Trusted to Deliver

Getac has over 30 years of rugged innovation and boasts high levels of customer satisfaction levels in the industry. Our products are designed and consistently pass third party and stringent rugged testing standards for rough handling and outdoor mobility in your operational environments.
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Integrated Solution

We work closely with our partners to deliver a highly integrated solution that minimizes installation times. This includes excellent hardware, mounting kits, mobile power supplies, security and connectivity software for complete peace of mind.
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Excellent Low TCO

Getac computers deliver excellent total cost of ownership (TCO). Our rugged and durable products work as hard as you do, with extensive product lifecycles that increase productivity throughout the workforce and ensure minimal disruption through unforeseen IT failure.
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Product Longevity

We practice strict product lifecycle management to fulfill product verifications, minimizing the number of system platform changes and control migration to new generations. The emphasis is on establishing a clear, long-term roadmap and gradually integrating, and migrating to, new technologies avoiding unnecessary technical redundancies.
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Tested and Trusted

Getac products are manufactured, tested and certified to the strict industry standards for Rugged Products, with MIL-810G/H and MIL-461F/G certifications, but we go above and beyond. At Getac, we push the limits with our products, to ensure they perform in the harshest environments, as you push the limits in your mission.
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