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Sanitization Services Overview

We’re here to help you keep your employees safe with experienced staff and professional processes that ensure highest industry standards are exceeded.
When your employees are bringing back devices, make sure they aren’t bringing anything else with them. View the Infographic

  • Clean & sanitize each device as they come back into the office.
  • Ensure employees are safe from spread of disease by sanitizing all devices in your office.
Every building is trafficked by employees on a frequent basis. Entranceways, high-touch surfaces, and busy conference rooms are vulnerable the spread of illness. View the Infographic

  • Your employees trust you to provide a clean and safe environment for work. Our team is here to provide support to you in order to meet and exceed industry standards.
  • Sanitize and deep clean all buildings and surfaces.
  • Clean assets from phones, keyboards, chairs, filing cabinets, mouse and more.
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