Brand Overview | Hitachi America, Ltd.

Hitachi America, Ltd. markets 3LCD, DLP, Laser and LED projectors and interactive flat panel displays that offer professional grade performance for all environments. Hitachi products are extremely intuitive, user-friendly and the most competitive priced models in the industry. Ranging from portable to installation-grade large-venue models, Hitachi delivers unmatched presentation performance.


Designed to enhance the K-12 education experience, there’s a Hitachi projector with just the right combination of performance and reliability at an affordable price. Hitachi’s leading-edge projector technology helps stimulate the imagination of students of all ages and makes lessons more interesting, compelling and memorable.

Suggested Hitachi Series: Classroom And Conference Room Short Throw • Ultra Short Throw Interactive • Installation • Entry
Experience for yourself how Hitachi’s innovative projectors are transforming university and college classrooms across the country into advanced learning centers. Designed for larger rooms, lecture halls, and auditoriums, Hitachi’s projector line combines powerful capabilities with installer-friendly features.

Suggested Hitachi Series: Collegiate • Installation • Professional Classroom and Conference Room
Big business needs a big name projector. That’s why Hitachi offers a complete line of high quality, high performance models with renowned durability and reliability. Equally important, what makes Hitachi projectors clearly the best in business is the overall value they offer.

Suggested Hitachi Series: Classroom And Conference Room Installation • Collegiate • Professional Interactive • Ultra Short Throw • Short Throw
Delivering on the company’s trademark reliability, versatility and performance, Hitachi has just what is needed for the high end professional AV market. Typical installations include auditoriums, lecture halls, and concert or stage productions. Offering the pinnacle in performance, no venue is too large or too demanding for Hitachi projectors.

Suggested Hitachi Series: Professional • Installation
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