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At Howard, we pride ourselves in the quality of our products and the level of Product Support we give to all of our customers. Our products are made and assembled here in the USA and are thoroughly tested for quality assurance. We use high quality components from manufacturers such as Intel, LG, and Samsung. We also provide FREE, 100% U.S. based, telephone technical support, 24/7, 365 days a year for as long as you own your Howard product.

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From space saving minis and all-in-ones to traditional towers, Howard desktops offer an incredible array of high performance features, energy-saving capabilities, and next-generation graphics packages that bring amazing visual dynamics into play for the ultimate in realism.


For people on-the-go, laptop computers have become lifestyle essentials. Howard laptops deliver high-speed performance and maximum reliability, and they include energy efficient technology that facilitates a longer battery life, so you can stay unplugged longer.


Howard workstations are designed to take on heavy workloads day after day, to work seamlessly with the data-intensive software applications used by professionals—video editors, architects, product designers, medical and research professionals, engineers and financial analysts.


Reinforce network security, reduce downtime, and increase overall productivity with server solutions from Howard. Not only can they process data faster and more efficiently, but they also provide a scalable architecture that accommodates future expansion.


Store, access, secure and manage digital data, files and services with Howard storage servers. Whether you need a little extra storage or a whole lot, Howard has one that is right for your business. Howard storage servers ease administration, enable better data management, and offer built-in security and recoverability.


Kiosks minimize staffing requirements, reduce operating and transaction costs while increasing sales/revenue, foot traffic and efficiency; manage peak traffic flow, add off-hours convenience, and enhance the overall consumer experience, which, in turn, increases customer loyalty.


From high school Esport competitions to official college esport teams and millions of dollars in scholarships, educators are tapping into the immense potential of esports as a way to motivate students academically and encourage creative expression


Our carts are designed with the healthcare setting clearly in mind; with a range of features expressly integrated to ease workloads for nurses and other healthcare professionals, as well as to enhance patient care.


Telehealth and Telemedicine save money by reducing transportation expenses, minimizing readmissions, and eliminating unnecessary ER visits. Additional benefits include greater patient access to specialists and mental health providers, improved quality of care, and better communication among providers.


Digital signage expands your ability to reach customers and employees all over in a matter of seconds.  It can be quickly and easily updated, making it ideal for broadcasting news items, advertising upcoming events, and dispatching emergency instructions.


Is your Datacenter ready to meet the demands of today’s high-speed economy? Stay ahead of the demand by building an IT infrastructure strong enough to support your business, now and in the future, with Howard server solutions.
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