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HVE ConneXions specializes in custom cloud solutions. From server virtualization to virtual desktops, we can provide a solution that fits. HVE ConneXions was created to combine proven virtualization solutions with state-of-the-art, best-of-breed hardware to support next-generation Cloud requirements.

Our engineering philosophy is to create Manageable, Scalable, Reproducible and Predictable solutions based on proven virtualization technologies. Our solutions are built on high-performance, next generation hardware. HVE ConneXions' solutions have a lower Total Cost of Ownership than industry standard. With systems optimized to provide maximum performance out of the gate, and Single Pane of Glass management, implementation and maintenance costs are much lower than traditional virtual environment deployments. All together, this means HVE ConneXions' customers can expect to see Return on Investment much sooner than with other systems.

HVE ConneXions: Engineering Philosophy
HVE ConneXions was created to combine proven virtualization solutions with state of the art, best of breed hardware to support next-generation Cloud requirements. Our engineering philosophy is dedicated to creating Manageable, Scalable, Reproducible, and Predictable (MSRP) solutions based on proven virtualization technologies running on high-performance next generation hardware. The result is an overall cost-effective and high-performance environment that scales to customers’ needs.
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HVE-STACK Appliance

The HVE-STACK is a versatile, highly-dense chassis-based server appliance positioned for data centers, high performance computing and VDI. The modular design allows for easy expandability helping offset capital investment costs and allows for a pay-as-you-go solution. The HVE-STACK has been engineered to provide the highest levels of density that addresses the space and investment restrictions of data centers.

HVE-STACK Data Sheet

HVE-VDI Appliance

HVE’s VDI architecture is designed to be device agnostic. That means users can use their own devices to connect to their desktop from anywhere. Through an Internet connection, laptops, iPads, even some smartphones can connect securely to their Virtual Desktop running in the HVE Backend Cloud. Any viruses or other security threats on user devices will not infect your systems.

HVE VDI Appliance | HVE-3DGFX VDI Appliance

HVE-STAGE Server VT Platform

The HVE-STAGE Server Virtualization Platform is a high performance purpose-built server that has been optimized for server virtualization. These performance optimized servers are also compact space savers utilizing only 1U of rack space. Each STAGE can be pre-configured for converged, hyper-converged or attached storage, and comes loaded with ESXi so an infrastructure is immediately ready for virtualization.

HVE-STAGE Server Virtualization Platform | HVE-STAGE-MINI Server Virtualization Platform

HVE-VELOCITY Storage Appliance

Data protection prevents data loss and minimizes the recovery time with high-speed disaster recovery. The HVE-VELOCITY lowers the recovery point objective and recovery time objective in each backup strategy. It allows setting up an application backup with a retention interval as a disaster recovery plan for virtual environments based upon VMware. The software does not require the installation of any backup agent. With the HVE-VELOCITY, servers with crucial data can be easily and instantly restored in case of an unexpected disaster.

HVE-VELOCITY Storage Appliance

HVE-VAULT Storage Appliance

By leveraging features from HVE Open-E Jovian, the HVE-VAULT delivers LZ4 compression and deduplication that provides additional expansion capabilities to this flexible storage appliance. With deduplication and compression, you are able to virtually increase your storage size and use thin provisioning to easily grow physical storage capacity without downtime. The HVE-VAULT also has the ability to add an expansion shelf to populate with more drives.

HVE-VAULT Storage Appliance


SnapServer family offers enterprise class unified block and file storage that is workload optimized and is scalable up to ~1.1PB. DynamicRAID® lets you mix and match drives with ease. Grow and shrink volumes on demand with Thin Provisioning - no downtime. Disaster recovery solution at no additional cost with Snap Encrypted Continuous Replication (Snap ECR™). Heterogeneous data replication with Snap Enterprise Data Replicator (Snap EDR™).
SnapServer is certified with a range of third party backup software including VEEAM™, Backup Exec™ and NetBackup™

HVE SnapServer Family Data Sheet | HVE SnapSAN Data Sheet
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