Virtualized Applications and Desktops to Any Device

Inuvika OVD Enterprise lets any-size organization deploy virtualized Windows and Linux applications and shared desktops to any device, anywhere, without the cost and complexity of conventional solutions.

Use Business Critical Apps on Any Device

Provide on-demand access to Windows and Linux apps and desktops to users any device, including Raspberry Pi thin clients, Chromebook**, and any HTML5 Web browser.

Fast and Easy Installation

OVD Enterprise deploys on-premise or on leading cloud service providers.  It works with today's leading enterprise data center standards, resulting in fast and easy installation.

  • OVD works with any hypervisor and is certified Nutanix AHV Ready
  • Use MS Active Directory or any LDAP-compliant directory service
  • Includes OVD’s integrated file service, or connect to any external NAS/SAN storage environment via NFS, CIFS, or WebDav

Simplified Management

OVD’s single Web-based management console makes the administration of users, apps, servers, and tenants fast and easy.  Apps and services can be provisioned as your needs change.  Comprehensive reporting and auditing provide valuable insights into application usage, system events, and more.

Fast and Reliable User Experience

Say good-bye to slow user logins and application launches.  OVD provides a fast user experience that makes users productive in seconds, not minutes.  In the event of a connection outage, OVD maintains active sessions, so no work is ever lost.

Reduced Risk and Lower Costs

OVD’s modern Linux-based architecture requires less hardware to manage and scales your business grows.  Inuvika’s OPEX subscription model doesn’t involve costly perpetual license fees and provides more flexibility in managing IT budgets.  In fact, OVD Enterprise can be implemented for half the cost of similar solutions.

Get Started

Call or email for pricing and availability.  Alternatively, contact us to arrange for a demo of OVD Enterprise.  Learn More About OVD 


At a Glance

  • Use any mix of Linux and Windows applications together in the same interface on any device

  • Access shared Windows and Linux desktops on any device

  • Native client support for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android and Chrome devices, or access apps and desktops through any HTML 5 browser.

  • Local print redirection and Web print support included

  • Multi-tenant ready with data security and tenant management

  • Supports any hypervisor, including ESXi, Nutanix AHV, and KVM.

  • 100% OPEX-based subscription model

**Native client support on Chromebook devices that run ChromeOS v61+ and are capable of installing and running Android apps.

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