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Solutions from IPEVO + Clear Touch

The combination of IPEVO’s V4K USB Doc Camera with Clear Touch Interactive Display allows any presenter to seamlessly annotate during presentations.

V4K Ultra High Definition USB Document Camera image

V4K Ultra High Definition USB Document Camera

Capture ultra high definition live images with 8 MP camera.

V4K Ultra High Definition USB Document Camera features an 8 megapixel camera that offers astonishing high definition resolutions up to 3264 x 2448 for capturing the tiniest details of your materials without pixelation. Be it presenting live, modeling, scanning books, magazines, documents, QR codes, OCR text or archiving photos, V4K will not fail you.
Clear Touch 6000K+ for Education image

Clear Touch 6000K+ for Education

The all new 6000K+ interactive display by Clear Touch is ideal for real time collaboration and immersive communication in the classroom.

Powerful, multi-touch capability. The 6000K+ series has smart, multi-touch technology that allows for 20 points of simultaneous touch and 10 points of writing, perfect for collaborative learning in the classroom! Students will be excited and engaged during lessons on this panel.
Immerse Students in Technology image

Immerse Students in Technology

  • Adapt to different learning styles
  • Engage the students in interactive content
Capture Images and Create Lessons image

Capture Images and Create Lessons

  • Give educators more flexibility when planning lessons
  • Utilize document cameras for creating virtual content 
  • Capture and display every fine detail
Seamless Integration image

Seamless Integration

  • USB Plug & Play
  • Compatible with Windows & Android
  • Use Clear Touch Collage/Snowflake/Canvas & IPEVO Visualizer software for live annotation
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