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Lightspeed Systems has been serving schools since 1999. It’s our mission to protect students by providing IT with the tools it needs to succeed. We also love what we do! Education is undergoing a technology revolution. New devices and tools are added to classrooms every day. The IT department is responsible for keeping all this technology well-managed, safe, and functional. This is where we help. Lightspeed Systems partners with schools to make learning safe, managed, and mobile.

Relay | Bring Intelligence to Every Learning Device


Cloud-based filtering for every OS without the need to proxy

Our proprietary Smart Agents are a revolution in filtering, putting the power of a web filter inside each device. Smart Agents go with the device, anytime and anywhere; filter any device, any app, any browser; and provide easy SSL decryption without proxies, PACs, or certificate hassles.


Designed for schools with delegated management, easy app controls, timed policies, and support for every OS

Easily manage apps with single-app pushes or managed distribution. Remotely set hundreds of policies and restrictions across every device and OS to control everything including Wi-Fi, cameras and OS updates over the air, with just the click of a button. Designed specifically for the way schools are set up, Relay’s MDM allows you to appropriately distribute work to the rest of your team.


Empower your teachers and engage your students with the only monitoring platform that keeps teachers’ focus on their students, not their screens.

Our classroom management app has the smarts to know when students are off-task. Classroom leverages our priceless trove of student-browsing data to zero in on unusual browsing activity, notifying teachers in real time.


Keep students safe by flagging inappropriate content, cyberbullying, self-harm and more.

Safety Check monitors students’ online activity and flags potentially harmful behavior. Administrators are alerted so they can review and share reports as needed. By monitoring and reporting on activity that otherwise goes unseen, Safety Check provides a more accurate view of school and student well-being.


Analytics powered by Relay pulls together all the usage information for devices, apps, applications, and online resources into a single, actionable dashboard.

It’s estimated that 67% of ed-tech licenses purchased by schools are not even in use, amounting to billions of dollars wasted. Make the most of your ed-tech budget with actionable, detailed reporting on usage across your schools.

Join the 28,000 Schools Already Using Relay

We are with you. We’ve dedicated ourselves to keeping students safe for over 20 years. Our software isn’t just a business, its a mission. We are with you every step of the way to ensure you can effectively transform your devices into the learning tools they are meant to be.
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