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LocknCharge, the brand that stands for innovation, quality manufacture, design and customer experience. In everything we do – product design, marketing, support, customer service… we aim to make life, the experience, the transaction positive and easy. Put simply… to make life easier for all who come in contact with the LocknCharge brand.

FUYL Tower™
FUYL Tower is an intelligent charging station with 15 individually lockable compartments that can store and charge any mobile device.
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Carrier 30 Cart

  • Charge, store and secure 30 devices - Chromebooks, Tablets, iPads - this Cart is truly universal. Also available in a 20 or 40 unit design.
  • Baskets allow for Cart to be shared by multiple classrooms and streamline device distribution, allowing teaching to happen faster. New carts feature Large Baskets by LocknCharge - accommodating even larger devices.
  • Extremely easy to set-up and use, you can wire a Cart in 15 minutes.
  • Heavy-duty construction and built to last with a lifetime warranty.
  • Modular design allows Cart to be upgraded with syncing functionality.

Joey 30 Cart

  • Allows you to enjoy LocknCharge design at an entry level price.
  • Can accomodate almost any device - with or without covers in the new divider storage system or use your Baskets by LocknCharge.
  • It’s light weight and maneuverability make it a nice upgrade from traditional, bulky cabinet style carts.
  • High quality steel and an included padlock assure devices are secured.

iQ 10 Charging Station

  • Small pro le charging station that is wall or desk mountable.
  • Includes 2 Baskets by LocknCharge to ease deployment of devices.
  • E cient USB charging - simultaneously charge 10 iPad or tablet devices.
  • Secure and built to last with a lifetime warranty.
  • Available in a syncing version for iPad devices.

FUYL Tower

The FUYL Tower charging station has 15 individually lockable compartment to store almost any mobile device. Go beyond digital security and provide an additional layer of physical security to help facilitate HIPAA Compliance.

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