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Luxor has been creating quality specialty furniture in Northern Illinois since 1946. Recognizing the needs of work-intensive environments, Luxor began designing and distributing such products as serving, utility and automotive carts, portable workstations and desks, book trucks, podiums, flat panel TV mounting carts and so much more. This endeavor was very successful. But even with our growing success we recognized the constantly changing needs of our customers and the importance of continually working to create new products, as well as upgrading our current lines, to meet all of their demands. This process, along with the help of our wonderful customer service team, has helped to make us a leader in the industry.
Reshape the Modern Classroom with Affordable Solutions from LUXOR
The Luxor Classroom is the culmination of decades of our education experience and manufacturing best practices. It demonstrates our commitment and belief that no student should be denied the benefits of a modern learning environment because of tightening budgets. That’s why each piece is designed to balance flexibility and functionality with practicality — to make the modern classroom more attainable.
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