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SyncRTC is a global company that specializes in cloud-based video collaboration. Its platform, and associated solutions including Room of the Future, have created a new paradigm in training and education by enabling integrated real-time online multimedia collaboration with many-to-many live video interactions. Leading corporations, universities and business schools worldwide are using SyncRTC’s technology to create immersive, simulated educational environments that serve as a virtual alternative to in-person meetings, training sessions, and educational programs.

Mashme: Sturm Collaboration Campus and Colorado State University’s College of Business
The Room of the Future license based platform allows students and presenters to interact virtually in real-time to simulate physical classroom experience, delivering hybrid and remote learning environments. See this model in action for Arapahoe Community College on the Sturm Collaboration Campus, and in Colorado State University’s Room of the Future located at the College of Business.

Presentation sharing, co-browsing of images, videos, interactive maps, and virtual whiteboards
File persistence to enable users to upload documents/files, share them, and retain a permanent record of all the materials shared during each session

Room of the Future Options

The Room of the Future is a breakthrough in education, e-learning and employee collaboration. It offers the most immersive video meeting experience for organizations looking to transform their learning and training environments.

The Room of the Future incorporates up to 48 screens within a high definition video wall, including camera(s), lighting and audio systems, all operated by SyncRTC’s software. Using HD video to host fully interactive sessions, allows a presenter to engage with a large number of remote students or employees from all over the world like never before, with minimal latency. also provides a comprehensive analytics portal, tracking the response of students, time spent engaging with material, and monitoring how effective lecturers were in conveying key messages. is proud to expand its fully immersive UHD video collaboration experience with the introduction of two new Room of the Future products. Utilizing the feature suite found in the larger Room of the future solutions, the Delegate and Personal Room of the Future products offer an excellent alternative when space to locate a video wall is a challenge.

Designed specifically for meeting rooms, smaller classrooms or break-out rooms, the Delegate Room of the Future can accommodate up to 24 users on a single screen in a fixed format layout.

Configurations and Features

Multiple Screens

From 8 to 48 borderless high definition panels which can be shaped in a ‘U’ configuration

Video Wall Module

Large digital videowall (up to 12 times 4K UHD) that supply high quality video to 200+ remote users worldwide, and deliver three 4K UHD video streams, of the presenter, the current speaker and a panoramic view of the classroom to the student

Versatile Screens

Tactile presenter screen for class management and running applications that range from tablets to large digital whiteboards

Immersive Surround Sound System

Speakers and microphones to create a state-of-the-art immersive surround sound system

Robotic Tracking Camera

Movement sensing auto-tracking camera on the presenter gives a richer experience to the remote users

Programmable Studio Lighting

Automatic studio lighting for ultimate definition

Polls/Surveys Capablities

Create and publish interactive questionnaires (open or blind polls), and view answers in real time

Remote Presenter

Enable a life-sized rendering of ‘Subject Experts’ to present/teach a class (live) or a play a recorded session

Automatic Break Out Rooms

Allows the presenter to create and split remote participants into smaller working groups based on either poll results, random selection or predefined customized groups

Hands Up

Allows remote users to raise hands electronically to ask questions during a session

Countdown Timer

Helps the presenter keep track of session time remaining

Classroom Chat

Enables group or individual real time interaction during a session

Local Delegate Interaction

Allows both remote and local attendees to participate in the virtual classroom in blended sessions

Facial Analytics

Delivers an emotional analysis of student attentiveness, course engagement and response to key messages to enhance the lecturer’s awareness

Flexible Videowall

Configurable screens support multiple use case scenarios in a videowall solution

Analytics Portal

Provides a comprehensive dashboard to monitor usage, session analysis, and student engagement

Language Translation

Enables multiple natural language translation

Canvas LMS Integration

Delivers Single Sign-On (SSO), session scheduling and connection to Canvas LMS repository for course content

External Repository

Import and search documents and files from external repositories, such as YouTube

Multimedia File Creation

Create and edit multimedia files and custom applications


Send notifications of an activity taking place on the platform


Record and store collaboration sessions, in part or fully

Room Based Architecture

Share documents and files with a group or single contact in a Room


Share your screen and collaborate

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