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MobileMind is addressing all of the critical challenges of PD to provide a blended, next-generation solution designed to solve the challenges of technology adoption and the effective integration of G Suite. Our platform targets all stakeholders by offering differentiated and time-conscious virtual and onsite training. We offer scaffolded support for technology beginners, leader-specific training for administrators, and advanced courses for teacher-leaders in order to build capacity and drive adoption.
The cloud-based, award-winning learning hub

MobileMind delivers access to personalized micro-courses, activity-based learning, digital badging, and reporting anytime, anywhere to K-12 school districts. MobileMind is the only platform that allows districts to consolidate all of their PD initiatives, from new technology to curriculum to compliance and even digital onboarding for new hires.

MobileMind for Google

MobileMind for Google offers the industry's only guided in-app professional learning platform. Gamified, competency-based professional development makes PD fun and gives teachers immediate takeaways to use in the classroom. MobileMind’s personalized modern professional learning hub engages educators in job-embedded and personalized micro-courses while celebrating their achievements along the way. Certified educators provide coaching and support as learners progress through micro-courses. MobileMind delivers patent-pending guided, in-app learning that meets the unique needs of each professional learner. 

Job-Embedded Professional Development

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MobileMind for Google

Whether it’s Google Docs, Sheets, Meet, Classroom, or any other Google tool, MobileMind provides up-to-date Google PD all in one location. MobileMind districts do not spend time updating their Google PD resources, as our Google Certified Educators update micro-courses as Google enhances their tools.
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MobileMind for Microsoft

As a Microsoft Global Training Partner, MobileMind has over one hundred and fifty micro-courses and twenty-six learning paths on tools like Teams, PowerPoint, Flipgrid, and all other Microsoft applications! MobileMind for Microsoft engages educators with gamified, self-paced, guided in-app learning right from within their own M365 environment!
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Personalized Learning

Quickly create micro-courses and learning paths for your teachers, leaders, and staff! From curriculum to appliance, you have the freedom to create a personalized learning experience to meet the needs of all roles and skill levels.
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Competency-Based Micro-Courses

Using the MobileMind methodology, create competency, activity-based micro-courses for your busy educators who can complete your district-specific PD anytime, anywhere.
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Badging & Gamification

Through automation, award badges after learners complete learning paths and micro-courses, and even view and post leaderboards as teachers and staff progress through learning paths to create friendly competition.
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Sustainable, Relevant PD

Competency-based learning provides sustainable, professional development relevant to the needs of each learner. MobileMind keeps learners engaged and allows them to gain the skills they need to be successful, even as those skill requirements change with shifts to in-person, hybrid, and virtual learning.
Agile PD image

Agile PD

If COVID-19 and virtual learning has taught us anything, it's how vital it is for districts to have the ability to pivot without negatively impacting student achievement. Provide agile PD to your educators in our ever-changing world.
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Reporting & Tracking

Track all of your teachers' and staff's continuing education hours, compliance reporting, learning progress, badges earned, and much more!
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