Newline Interactive: Connect. Create. Collaborate.

Brand Overview | Newline Interactive

Newline Interactive is dedicated to providing solutions for our customers that save them time and help them be more successful, by creating state-of-the-art products that are so simple to use that everyone can interact and enjoy the innovation behind them.

Our products are mainly communication and collaboration tools spanning presentation software, wireless presentation systems, interactive whiteboards, wall mounts, and mobile stands, to our large selection of touchscreen interactive displays. All of these computers and electronics are designed to fill a variety of needs across many industries. Any size business profits from more efficient meetings brought about by our unified collaboration units. School districts and higher education establishments utilize our touch screen displays in their lecture halls, with medical research teams using the multi-touch displays to aide themselves in their work.
Newline Interactive: Connect. Create. Collaborate.
Newline Interactive is a manufacturer of award-winning interactive displays, intuitive software, and other interactive innovations to improve efficiency and increase productivity in the workplace. We are a leading provider of software and hardware that helps people and organizations find ways to be more successful, more efficient, more collaborative, and find more enjoyment in their work.
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Q Series - The Tailored Experience

Newline’s Q Series answers the call for a more customized and fast-paced digital touch experience.

As your core technology solution for work or class, the touch display must always maintain the same pace of improvements. That’s why the Q Series is your #1 solution to a highly customized and peak performing digital collaboration hub.

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RS+ Series - Interactive Touch Display

The new RS+ Series brings you all the versatility of the original RS Series but with enhanced specs that bring you faster, more impressive collaboration. The RS+ Series works in your world.

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NT series - Non Touch Display

Bring your presentations and lessons to life on a commercial-grade display in vivid 4K resolution. Focus on just the tools you need to succeed without paying more for features you won’t use.

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X Series - Unified Collaboration System

Experience meetings on an interactive touch display that allows the whole team to interact without limits. Integrate cameras and microphones, and a superior touch experience brings your team together for collaboration like you’ve never seen before.

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IP series - Interactive Touch Display

Never worry about your network security again. This all-in-one Ultra-HD interactive touch display brings you better, secure meetings and presentations.

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FLEX - Express Yourself in the Digital Workspace

Flex is for everyone. No matter what your profession is, Flex helps you to communicate and intuitively express yourself in the digital workspace. On your office desktop, as a creative, in healthcare sector, a classroom or lecture hall, or in the most personal workspace called home. Increase productivity, join video calls and host collaboration sessions. 

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Software Solutions

Newline Broadcast

Wireless Content Sharing Made Easy
Share your large screen to your audience’s small screens for easier viewing – all with one button. Perfect for large meeting rooms, lecture halls, and 1-to-1 classroom setups.

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Newline Cast

Wireless presentation that's simple, smart and secure.
Wireless screen sharing pushes content from any device to your interactive display. Collaborate more in your meetings or in your classroom.

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Newline Display Management

A remote display management solution
Centrally manage your Newline interactive displays and send out mass notifications, all from the comfort of your desk!

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Newline Launch Control

An all-in-one meeting solution
Walk up and start your meetings with a one-touch solution that keeps your computer and your network secure.

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