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The most important aspect of any great product is how easy it is for anyone to use. Newline Interactive is dedicated to providing solutions for our customers that save them time and help them be more successful, by creating state-of-the-art products that are so simple to use that everyone can interact and enjoy the innovation behind them. As an educator, your goal is to help others learn and engage them in ways that expand their knowledge. Newline Interactive makes it easier for you to keep students interested during class with tools designed for better collaboration and more creative learning.
Webinar: Benefits of Distance Learning
Learn from the masters. Newline’s Product Training Specialist, Ellen Connor, hosted a special online webinar to teach you the benefits that come from distance learning. This event covered all the ways that Newline’s interactive touch displays can be used to hold lessons with remote students, while exploring the tools available to continue keeping your students engaged.
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Everyone can present, no matter what network they're on.

Newline Cast supports dual network connectivity and enables collaboration among users on primary and guest networks, or among students accessing your network. It works securely with any network configuration, including corporate Wi-Fi, school Wi-Fi, guest Wi-Fi, mobile data, a hotspot or any combination. 

Newline Cast also comes with content sharing tools that makes collaboration even easier. During a session, attendees can share video, student presentations, links, and files with each other without ever having to leave the app.

Leading the next generation of desktop collaboration

Flex is for everyone. No matter what your profession is, Flex helps you to communicate and intuitively express yourself in the digital workspace. 
On your office desktop, as a creative, in healthcare sector, a classroom or lecture hall, or in the most personal workspace called home. Increase productivity, join video calls and host collaboration sessions.

Join the Flex gen!

The Newline Family of Displays

X Series - Collaboration System

Connect your classroom to the wide world outside with the X Series, a touch display built around ease of use and video conferencing. The non-proprietary nature lets you interact your way both in the classroom, teacher training, or administrative meetings. Built-in cameras and microphones let you communicate with classrooms across the world, hassle-free, to broaden your students’ horizons. With a vivid 4K resolution on an optically bonded screen, the X Series provides a superior image quality that brings your lessons to life in stunning clarity. Optical bonding gives you an ultra-wide 178° viewing angle. No matter where your students sit, they can see the screen clearly.

VN Series - Interactive Touch Display

VN Series delivers the best visual and touch experience that captures your students’ attention and engages them in their own learning. With a vivid 4K resolution on an optically bonded screen, the VN series provides a superior image quality that brings you lessons to life in stunning clarity. Optical Bonding gives you an ultra-wide 178 degree viewing angle. No matter where your students sit, they can see the screen clearly. Freely walk around the classroom by wirelessly casting to the display, and access documents saved in Cloud storage, all with a seamless and easy to navigate user interface - no training required.

RS+ Series - Interactive Touch Display

Bring your lessons to life with the RS+. With interactive flat panels, students become more involved in the classroom, and are more actively engaged in their learning. Capture student interest with the RS+, which leads the industry in brightness, clarity and innovation. With a lightweight; slim frame design embedded tools, and a customizable user interface, the RS+ Series is the perfect solution to redefine education in school. A powerful embedded operating system gives you fast access to your files, an impressive whiteboard, and a complete access to the internet. The RS+ lets you interact your way and gives you the freedom to empower your classroom.

NT Series - Non-Touch Display

The NT Series is a non-touch display that brings your lessons to life in vivid Ultra-High Definition (4K) resolution. Focus on just the tools you need to get your students engaged in class without paying more for features you won’t use. Wirelessly cast to the screen from any mobile device, tablet, desktop, or laptop. Whether you use Windows, Mac, or Chrome, the NT Series lets you share your screen through a wireless connection or through the multiple I/O ports built into the panel. Access your files on your preferred Cloud storage system right on the display. Rediscover the simplicity of real innovation with the new NT Series.
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