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With a rich history of innovation, Omnilert is the trusted partner to organizations throughout higher education, K-12 schools, healthcare, manufacturing, non-profits, retail and more. Omnilert Gun Detect brings reliable, 24x7 monitoring to existing security cameras, creating a widely deployable early gun detection & response activation solution.
Your existing security cameras
Your existing security cameras
Your existing security cameras
AI-powered monitoring software and human verification
AI-powered monitoring software and human verification
AI-powered monitoring software and human verification
Automatic response execution
Automatic response execution
Automatic response execution
Omnilert Gun Detect - Identify Gun Threats at First Sight
Confront rising gun violence with Omnilert Gun Detect, the AI-powered platform that uniquely combines gun detection, verification, activation and notification.


Active Shooter Solution image

Active Shooter Solution

The Most Effective Gun Detection Solution For Active Shooter Threats
Omnilert Gun Detect saves lives through early gun and active shooter detection, human verification, mass communication and automated response.

Our AI-powered visual Gun Detect Software leverages your existing security cameras to create a widely deployable early gun detection solution. In fractions of a second, our AI identifies a gun threat and sends an alert for human verification; whether you use Omnilert monitoring services or your own security operations center.
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Communications & Automation

Maximize Every Critical Second With an Automated Response
Omnilert Emergency Communications & Automation Platform shares intelligence and activates response plans and emergency systems in an instant. No matter the threat, active shooters, severe weather, panic button alarms or personal tips, automated emergency communications utilizing emergency notification systems is the critical tool that can help protect your people, buildings and ongoing operations.
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Professional Monitoring

Omnilert makes verifying and escalating gun detections simple, fast and flexible. 
Omnilert Gun Detect simplifies the task of human verification of gun detections. Alerts are delivered through desktop, mobile and/or web apps, video management systems, control room platforms and more within seconds of detection. Quickly scan between a full frame still image, a close-up magnification of the suspected gun and a video snippet for additional context to determine the appropriate response.

Confirm threats and activate response plans in just a tap or click to include calling police, locking doors, sounding alarms and notifying those in harm’s way.
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Gun Detection AI

Data-centric AI delivers improved accuracy and sub-second detection of potential gun threats.
Our expertise in AI has roots in the U.S. Department of Defense and DARPA related to real-time target recognition and threat classification. That military focus on high reliability and precision carried through to the development of our AI threat detection that goes beyond identifying guns to finding active shooter threats.

We employ a data-centric AI methodology that prioritizes high-quality training data. While traditional methods focus on data volume, sourcing millions of gun images, we take a quality-over-quantity approach. Our training data is hand-curated with rich annotations that improve accuracy and increase reliability.
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