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Our story started when we noticed how much was missing from the keyless entry experience. What was out there didn't work well, didn't look good, and was overpriced. The moment we went all-in on creating a new standard for the industry, we knew we were on to something big.

Mobile Credential

Use a phone or smartwatch (IOS & Android) to gain entry.

Cloud Based

Manage your system from anywhere.

Lock Down

Instantly lock any door, any time from anywhere.


Openpath integrates with the solutions you already use.

Real-Time Reporting

See access events as they happen.

Guest Pass

Text a one-time key to visitors.

Zone Sharing

Landlords can share zones with tenants.

Scheduled Locking

Set schedules for any entry.

Remote Access

Unlock any door from anywhere.
Watch and learn about our approach to security
As an Openpath customer, your safety is our highest priority. We've worked hard to build a system with layers of security to outsmart a world of evolving threats. Your workspace or building will be protected from the threat of unauthorized access by advanced systems designed to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations.
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Solutions for every site

Whether you're upgrading an existing system, or starting from scratch, Openpath can completely modernize the accessibility of any building in a snap.

Openpath DNA

Need an entirely new access control system?

If you're looking to secure your building or space with the convenience of next-gen technology, build your Openpath system from the inside out. Our signature, patented technology ensures fast, reliable, hands-free mobile access, and features we haven't stopped thinking up yet.

  • Access via mobile, touch, watch, fob, key card
  • End-to-end security encryption
  • Cloud-based, real-time reporting
  • Built to integrate with your most-used programs
  • Completely customizable scheduled locking capabilities
  • Remote access
  • Easy install (standard RS-485 wiring)

Openpath Hybrid

Looking to upgrade or incorporate the system you already have?

You don't have to overhaul just to level-up with Openpath. For those who need solutions for both new and existing systems, this option delivers seamless accessibility between all sites.

  • Mobile and cloud enable an old access control system
  • Connect to your original panel with plug-and-play install
  • Your fobs, our fobs, mobile, touch — everything works together
  • Patented triple unlock feature
  • One-touch access
  • Cloud-based software, built to integrate

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