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We are a leading multi-division company delivering a wide range of AV and technology solutions to the education and corporate sectors. We manufacture a range of own-brand solutions developed in-house as well as exclusively distributing a range of complementary products from selected overseas partners.
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WizeFloor | Learning through play and physical movement.

Designed for Education

WizeFloor is primarily designed for use in education and this is reflected in the wide range of educational games and activities which are unlike any other interactive floor solution. Apps provide the underlying functionality which form the basis of literally hundreds of games and activities. Once you put content into an app to create an activity, we call that a 'Tile'. Tiles can be grouped together in 'Stacks'. As well as hundreds of ready-made tiles, you can also put your own content into the apps making WizeFloor suitable for any subject, any age group and any level of ability.

The games and activities are designed in such a way that they stimulate interactivity, cooperation and inclusion for everyone using the floor. Most of the applications focus on the collaborative team score rather than the individual to encourage team work.

Collaborative learning.

WizeFloor is a multi-player application
Multiple players can use the floor simultaneously, learning and developing social skills, as well as have a lot of fun!

Even with multiple users the applications focus on collaboration, so players must work together to complete the activities. Players must achieve the best team score as well as their own individual scores.

For the ultimate collaborative experience, WizeFloor can involve an entire class using over 22 underlying applications which form the basis of literally hundreds of activites and games.

Truly cross-curricular

Create activities for any subject in minutes.
With WizeFloor you can create new activities in minutes. From Maths to Science, RE to ICT, English to MFL, History to PSHCEE - a wide range of built-in applications underpin literally hundreds of games and activities and WizeFloor allows you to create your own, quickly and easily.

As you set the questions, activities and game parameters, you can make the exercises as easy or difficult as you want to fit your subject, groups and classes. Once you've created an activity, you can easily create a copy of it and by making only small changes create new activities for different abilities.

Cloud based

WizeFloor is a state of the art cloud-based solution allowing you to create content from anywhere in the world as well as controlling your WizeFloor remotely from mobile devices such as iPads or tablets.
The WizeFloor community provides easy access to hundreds of ready-made games and activities. Quickly use or adapt these resources, and share your own creations with other WizeFloor users.

The interface for creating activities and games is web-based and simple to use. You can access it from any computer in the school, or even at home just by using your normal web-browser - you don't even need to install anything.

WizeFloor GO

Move towards a unique learning experience - education's favourite interactive floor can now be moved and shared across your organisation.
Our new mobile solution, WizeFloor GO, unleashes the potential of interactive floors with no physical installation required. Fully mobile and height adjustable, the WizeFloor GO provides a solution which can be moved from space to space or school to school.

Being completely self contained and able to be easily moved between classes, WizeFloor GO makes the perfect shared resource which has benefits for every class, every subject and every age group.

An electric height adjuster means the floor size can be increased or decreased with ease to fit the space you're working in, and the self-calibration feature recognises the size and position of the image so you're ready to begin playing and learning within minutes.

See WizeFloor in action...

Learn more about our additional featured products and services for education

Tango Teach
Intuitive, compatible with all brands of touchscreen, and designed to simplify the use of digital teaching resources, Tango Teach provides the easy way to create, group and store media and then deliver it to your class in a matter of seconds.

Seamless and responsive navigation means that all features, from the simple drawing tool, to ‘drag and drop’ content from the web and your own resources, will present an engaging, memorable and visually stimulating learning experience, time and time again. As Tango Teach was designed specifically for use with large format LED touchscreens, it means no more fiddly buttons, toolbars or menus that pop up, that would normally require the use of a stylus or pen. Simply use the screen as you would do a tablet, smart phone or any other multi-touch device to ‘pinch and grab’, ‘drag and drop’, resize, rotate and annotate.
Sleek and stylish, efficient and user-friendly, EntrySign makes signing visitors in and out quicker and easier than ever before. Time consuming and costly paper-based signing in books are now a thing of the past and low running costs mean no need for ink cartridges anymore - just sticky labels.

EntrySign records the attendance of staff, visitors and contractors. In educational establishments EntrySign also records pupil & student movements. The easy-to-use Back Office Suite allows you to monitor who is in the building at all times, look-up historical information, generate detailed reports and activate an instant evacuation roll call in seconds.

Self-service operation makes the sign-in process quick and easy and reduces the administrative burden on your reception staff.
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