Brand Overview | Panasonic

Panasonic is a leading provider of integrated technology solutions for business & consumer electronics. We create technologies that move us toward a better life and world.
Our Mission: Create Technologies That Move Us
We believe enterprise technology solutions should do more than just meet a business need. We believe technology should inspire and amaze, and unlock our potential. That’s why we’re so committed to creating integrated business solutions that reimagine our world and bring a brighter future into focus. At Panasonic, we create technologies that move us – toward a better life and a better world.

Solutions for Business

Wireless Networking

Tens of thousands of fans competing for precious bandwidth? No problem. Our WiFi scales to deliver the ultimate connectivity in stadiums, arenas, outdoor events, convention centers, even smart cities.

Food Service & Hospitality

We’re making food service faster and more personal with point-of-sale-devices, self-ordering kiosks and drive thru communication systems all connected to the back of the restaurant – so customers can really have it their way.


At Panasonic, we’re creating physical retail solutions that rival the online shopping experience, with personalized interactions, quicker checkout and instant access to inventory and product data.

Energy & Utilities

Panasonic's technologies are moving the energy industry forward. And partnering with cities, venues and businesses, we’re meeting the demands of infrastructure and creating more efficient facilities.

Toughbooks & Toughpads


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