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Securly was founded in 2013 with a single intention: to keep kids safe online. Securly develops solutions that keep kids safe & engaged online, at school, and at home. From tools that help adults create a kid-friendlier Internet, to an AI that recognizes signs of bullying and even intuits risks of self-harm, Securly breaks new ground and innovates to meet modern problems head on. For every child that we empower to stand strong, for each kid that chooses hope over hopelessness, Securly is motivated to continue forging ahead.
Parent Portal - Protecting Kids Online Made Easy
Parents can now view their kids’ activity across educational sites and time sinks, in-school and at-home across all of their school-owned devices. All of this is delivered via beautifully designed dashboards and e-mail reports!
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SolutionsThe A to Z of Student Safety

AI + Human Common Sense

The world is nowhere near knowing the full potential of technology, but Securly also recognizes its limitations. Through risk analysis of automated alerts, AI and real people work together to keep students safe online, in class, and at school.

24 | Safety round-the-clock
2am on a Sunday? If a child’s in danger, 24 makes sure someone knows. AI sends alerts to a trained team for risk assessment. If a threat exists, we act now.

Enhanced Filtering & Visibility

FILTER | Cloud-based web filtering
What doesn’t it do? Our 1:1 cloud-based web filter maintains an age-appropriate internet, monitors for bullying and helps schools remain CIPA-compliant.

AUDITOR | A safer G Suite experience
Schools are alerted when students are in trouble. Alerts are triggered when bullying or the risk of self-harm or suicide is detected across Gmail. TIPLINE | End violence with a tip Students can take a stand against violence by sending anonymous tips over phone, text, or email. Tipline keeps tipsters safe and puts bullies on alert.

TIPLINE | End violence with a tip
Students can take a stand against violence by sending anonymous tips over phone, text, or email. Tipline keeps tipsters safe and puts bullies on alert.

Shared Responsibility

PARENT PORTAL | Checking in made easy
Weekly emails provide parents with a summary of their child’s activities online at school. Get more access with the free Parent Portal app to see snapshots of search histories, sites visited, and more.

HUB BY SECURLY | Safe Wi-Fi for kids
Student safety doesn’t stop when the 3 o’clock bell rings. Hub by Securly gives parents the ability to create a kid-friendly Wi-Fi experience in their own home.

CLASSROOM | Where teachers are admins
When deciding which sites should be accessible in class, teachers know best. Classroom lets teachers allow/block sites based on the lesson plan.

CHROMETOOLS | Chromebook Classroom Management
Web-based classroom management tool for teachers to guide, monitor, and communicate with students using Chromebooks in class

Featured Products

Cloud-Based Filter for K-12
  • Bullying, violence, and self-harm detection
  • Delegated Administration
  • Parental Controls for school-owned devices
  • Advanced Student Safety AI Engine
Safety Monitor for G Suite
  •  Schools receive alerts for flagged activity
  • Nudity detection
  • Advanced Student Safety AI Engine
  • Delegated Administration
Anonymous Incident Reporting
  • Students submit anonymous tips
  • Report bullying, self-harm, violence
  • Reviewed by 24 Team, false positives eliminated
  • Tips via phone, email, text message
Extra set of eyes to identify threats quickly 
  • Flagged content review by trained analysts
  • Staffed 24/7
  • Schools notified of critical threats in real-time
  • Available for Filter and Auditor
Mobile Device Management for Apple Devices
  • Works with ASM & Apple Classroom
  • Teacher Classroom Controls
  • Teacher App Request Workflow
  • Designed for K-12
Chromebook Classroom Management
  • Screen Lock, Site Lock, Push URLs
  • Monitor screens, tabs, history
  • Communicate using hand raise and chat
  • Sync with Google Classroom & other LMSs
Protects all devices connected at home
  • Manage all personal devices on one app
  • Simple home network setup
  • Real-time activity feed and controls
  • Turn on/off Internet anywhere at any time
App for Parents
  • Parent control of school-owned devices
  • Parents “pause”Internet while at home
  • Flagged Activity sent to parents
  • One app works with Filter Plus and Hub
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